Changing the way the world's best athletes train.

And Rehab.

The AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® Pro 200
enables athletes to get back in the game and performing at their peak faster than ever before by allowing them to train harder, sooner.

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alterG P200 Anti-gravity treadmill

Revolutionary Athlete Training and Rehab Equipment

Training. Elevated.

Using the advanced NASA unweighting technology, AlterG’s Pro200 comfortably allows athletes to train at a reduced body weight in order to reach their peak performance and to increase training volume without risking injury. Reaching higher top speeds (up to 18 mph) than AlterG’s M320 Anti-Gravity Treadmill, the P200 can be incorporated into training and rehabilitation programs, and allows athletes to:

  • Improve their performance
  • Increase training volume and minimise stress-related injury
  • Maximise fitness retention during rehabilitation
  • Train harder, longer and sooner after injury or surgery
  • Gain and maintain fitness while recovering and return to competition sooner.
  • Maintain a natural stride during physiotherapy by reducing the risk of compensatory injuries
  • Stay motivated and track progress with concrete data which increases confidence levels
  • Train harder with lower impact on joints and muscles

Focus on Athletes

The Pro 200’s anti-gravity technology is designed specifically to suit the needs of high-level athletes recovering from a sport related injury or rehabilitating after surgery, as well as healthy athletes looking for a way to train harder. The larger chamber, reinforced structure and higher top speeds make the Pro 200 ideally suited for any athletic training, sporting or physiotherapy facility.

Training with reduced gravity

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill Pro 200 is a game changer on the playing field and in training. With the Pro 200’s anti-gravity technology trainers and athletes can:

  • Rehabilitate post-injury or post-surgery
  • Reduce impact during plyometric and strengthening exercises
  • Complete biomechanical training—lateral, backwards and form drills
  • Conduct over-speed training and leg turnover
  • Safely increase weekly mileage

Run Workouts, Automatically

Create custom workouts for athletes that run automatically on the Pro 200, with the AlterG Workout Programmer:

  • Create personalised interval workouts: vary the speed, body-weight, and incline for different categories of workouts.
  • Reduce the supervision needed: programmed workouts run automatically on the AlterG without manual input.
  • Utilise ready-to-use AlterG workouts: download and run a variety of workout templates created by AlterG experts.

Sporting Success

Top-level sports teams, professional athletes and organisations already use the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill Pro 200 to reach their peak performance and for physiotherapy after injury or surgery. Sport facilities with this revolutionary athletic training equipment include:

  • Manchester United FC
  • Chelsea FC
  • MK Dons FC
  • St George’s Park – The Football Association
  • English Institute of Sport and UK Athletics
  • Bath RFC
  • Bristol RFC
  • Gloucester RFC
  • And many more