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AlterG® | HydroWorx®
SwimEx® | Biodex®
  • "The AlterG mimics aquatic therapy. But we don't have to take the precautions against surgical wound infections. Patients can get into the AlterG and actually take more weight off than water."

    - Trent Leonard, Rehabilitation Service Manager with Life Care Centers of America

  • Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment

Compare Body Weight Supported Treadmills and Partial Weight Bearing Therapy Systems

AlterG®, HydroWorx®, SwimEx® and Biodex®

There are a variety of body weight supported treadmills on the market that help physical therapists and athletic trainers provide a low-impact environment to walk, run, and exercise. Partial weight bearing therapy is an essential part of lower limb rehabilitation. It allows a patient to start increasing mobility sooner. The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is the only unweighting therapy and conditioning solution that actually lets you pick a precise body weight (between 100% and 20%) to walk, run, and exercise. Unlike water and harness solutions, this means you can precisely (in 1% increments) progress a patient gradually as he or she recovers and regains strength.

This matrix below compares the different features of other partial weight bearing solutions like underwater treadmills by HydroWorx® and SwimEx® as well as a harness solution like Biodex. Aquatic therapy solutions allow a patient to freely move, but water resistance can alter gait patterns. Pools are also not able to "precisely" unweight a user to an exact bodyweight. Unweighting harness systems can provide variable support, but are also not precise. Pressure points and straps from the harness can also be uncomfortable and make running or athletic training difficult.

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AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

HydroWorx® 750

SwimEx® 600T

Biodex Unweighting System

Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment
Type Anti-Gravity Treadmill Underwater treadmill Underwater treadmill Harness over treadmill
Mechanism for unweighting Differential Air Pressure (Precise to 1%) Buoyancy provide by water in water Buoyancy provide by water in water Harness system with support from above