Recover ASAPP.

(As Soon As Physically Possible)

The AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®
can get your users back on their feet in no time.

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AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill can get your users back on their feet in no time.



With Less Pain.

The AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® F320
elevates rehab and athletic training with
exclusive unweighting technology.

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Rehabilitation Treadmill for Ortho Physical Therapy

Take your practice to the next level.

The AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® enhances therapist’s ability to help patients recover faster and increases the marketability of their practice. Our unique and patented unweighted rehabilitation treadmill technology:

  • Allows patients to rehabilitate with less pain while reducing the risk of further injury, which may enable patients to heal faster.
  • Provides physical therapists a precise way to track patient progress, keeping patients engaged and motivated during rehab.
  • Helps clinics, therapists and trainers set themselves apart by offering the most advanced physical therapy technology available.
  • Acts as both a rehab device and wellness tool that gets patients excited to continue using it for training beyond short term rehab.

The Anti-Gravity Treadmill in Action

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is ideal for PT clinics, rehabilitation facilities, and wellness centers. The Anti-Gravity Treadmill should be used with patients looking to regain mobility, develop strength and fitness, and increase range of motion and natural movement – all while minimizing stress on injuries.

Therapy with AlterG

Our rehabilitation treadmill easily integrates into any clinic setting. It can be used for:

  • Physical therapy following an injury or surgery on a lower extremity (hip, knee, ankle or foot)
  • Rehab after total joint replacement
  • Gait training and strengthening for neurological patients
  • Strengthening and conditioning in a fall-safe environment for older patients
  • Weight-loss programs
  • Injury prevention during sport specific conditioning and fitness improvement programs

Success Beyond the Treadmill

While supporting patients during their recovery, the Anti-Gravity Treadmill will also drive business to your practice or clinic. The only training equipment of its kind, the Anti-Gravity Treadmill can help you generate revenue and build recognition among your local community and doctors.

See What People Are Saying About AlterG

This treadmill is the biggest technological advancement that I have seen in the Physical Therapy arena over my 24 plus year career. It is having a major impact in how we are able to serve our community through providing a higher level of care.

Brad Freemyer, Owner – A Step Ahead Physical Therapy

At East Texas Physical Therapy we are using the AlterG daily! There’s nothing like a patient who has trouble walking and the smile that comes across their face when they try the Anti-Gravity Treadmill! Awesome!

Jason Maness, PT at East Texas PT, East Texas PT

“The results with our orthopedic patients have been fantastic.”

Rick Zivney, PT and Owner, Genesis Physical Therapy, Rockwall, TX