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alterG P200 Anti-gravity treadmill

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Maximize your Athletes’ Peak Performance with NASA Inspired Differential Air-Pressure Technology

Introducing the Next Generation in Physical Therapy and Training for Athletes

The AlterG® Pro 200+ uses NASA’s innovative differential air-pressure technology to unweight athletes with an unparalleled level of precision. Users can achieve up to 80% reduction of full body weight impact, adjustable in as little as 1% increments, providing a truly customized and dialed-in work out and rehab experience.

AlterG’s Precision Unweighting Helps Your Athletes:

  • Start physical therapy sooner following injury or surgery
  • Undertake more challenging rehab programs, achieving better results and return to competition in a shorter time-frame
  • Increase training volume, without increasing the risk of injury
  • Maintain and even gain fitness while they rehab
  • Stay engaged and motivated with objective, data-driven feedback

Enhanced Technology, Helping to Build Elite Athletes

The Pro 200+ is designed to deliver the ultimate experience in physical therapy and training for athletes, demanded by the world’s best professional sports teams. Its large chamber, reinforced structure, and high top speeds make the AlterG Pro 200 + an elite level treadmill for any athletic training or therapy facility.

With the Pro 200+, athletes can push themselves harder, for longer, with less risk of injury. The fall-safe environment and high-end performance capabilities are ideal for:

  • Increasing mileage and pace without compromising recovery
  • Reducing impact during plyometric and strengthening exercises
  • Complete biomechanical training—lateral, backwards, and form drills
  • Conducting over-speed training and promoting better leg turnover

Train Smarter, Train Better With Workout Programming

The Pro 200+ Workout Programmer provides challenging, individualized, fully-automated athlete training sessions. By writing and running automated workouts for your athletes, you can:

  • Set it and forget it: programmed workouts run automatically on the AlterG without manual input, reducing the supervision needed for each individual client, and giving you a “an extra set of hands” in the training room
  • Create personalized interval workouts for your athletes: vary the speed, bodyweight, and incline to based on each user’s needs
  • Take advantage of ready-to-use AlterG workouts: download and run a variety of workout templates designed and perfected by AlterG experts
  • Create a library of workouts for all different types of athletes and patients

Elite Athletic Organizations Condition and Rehab with AlterG

The best athletic teams are defying gravity:

  • Golden State Warriors
  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • New England Patriots
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Denver Broncos
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Boston Red Sox
  • Chicago Cubs
  • University of Colorado
  • University of North Carolina
  • DC United
  • Philadelphia Flyers
  • U.S. Olympic Training Centers

And many more!

Stride Smart:
The Next Generation of Anti-Gravity Technology

Now you can promote peak performance for your athletes using instant feedback to achieve better results with new video monitoring, data interface and automated workouts to help you do more with your athletes.

The new Stride Smart System provides you with a comprehensive workout and monitoring experience for both athletes and trainers.

Instant Feedback, Better Results with Video Monitoring

The Stride Smart System provides a comprehensive, live view of your client’s stride. Visualize athlete gait mechanics that can’t be seen or felt.

Toggle between 3 different camera angles to monitor and analyze the front, lateral, and rear aspects of your patient’s stride, helping them address deficiencies in real-time. With the easy-to-use Stride Smart System, you can:

  • Record and playback 10-second clips, both in normal speed and slow motion
  • Prevent bad habits or future injuries by correcting deficiencies in real time
  • Analyze and view gait mechanics on a 24” monitor