"The AlterG Referral Program has already sent two new patients to my clinic."
 Jake Spivey, SportsCare & Rehabilitation in Plano, TX

The only equipment that attracts new customers every month.

Over 5,000 people a month search an AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, and these prospective users likely have an acute or chronic physiological issue that needs to be addressed. We want to connect them to you! As a medical professional, you can help improve their mobility and quality of life, either with your Anti-Gravity Treadmill and your physical therapy services.

"My first AlterG client is now a patient. Thanks to your website for the referral."

- Dan Mills, DPT at Performance Rehab Clinics in Salt Lake City, UT

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Attract More Customers!

  • Become part of our exclusive referral network and be seen by thousands of potential patients/clients
  • Get your share of new referrals! 5000+ people a month search for a place to use the Anti-Gravity Treadmill and we want to send them to you!
  • Don’t miss out on the buzz! With over 350 national and local media features per year, AlterG is the most talked about technology in rehab and wellness.

Our marketing programs drive thousands of clients/patients to participating locations around the country, and you can be one of those locations. Don't miss out!

Here’s how it works...

Step 1: Join the Referral Program to fill the un-used time on your Anti-Gravity Treadmill and have your facility listing be seen by hundreds of qualified customers.

Step 2: Prospective customer finds your location on the AlterG website and purchases  AlterG Trial session(s) at your facility: 1 session (30 min) for $25 or 3 sessions for $50.

Step 3: You are notified of the purchase and reach out to the customer to schedule their session.

Step 4: The customer comes to your facility to redeem their sessions. You introduce them to your facility’s range of services and sign them up for your AlterG self pay program, as a physical therapy patient or other programs.

Step 5: Claim redemption online here. We send you $10 per redeemed session and you sign on a new client or patient!

Still not sure about the program? Feel free to email us or call us (510-270-5899) and we'll be happy to answer all of your questions.