PT Spotlight: Stephan Venter, Aurora Active PT

Let’s face it, running is a fickle sport. As a former competitive (and I use the term lightly) track and cross country athlete for the University of Colorado, and current distance running devotee, I am all too familiar with the thin line that separates peak fitness from season-ending injury. If you have ever had the misfortune of crossing paths with a recently decommissioned runner, you are doubtless aware of the frightening mogwai we become when we are denied our daily endorphin fix. Read More »

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Banish Low Back Pain with AlterG

Ok, raise your hand if you’ve ever suffered from low back pain. Now keep it up if that pain has lingered in some form, haunting your every-move like some sort of nagging “ghost of injuries past” that you just can’t quite shake completely. I’m betting there are a lot of hands up out there (you can put them down now; we don’t need any rotator cuff injuries). So, for all you low back pain troopers, there’s good news! You are not alone; and misery loves company, right? Research shows that low back pain is responsible for more disability than almost 300 other conditions, globally, and that a staggering 10 percent of people around the world suffer from lower back woes. Luckily for you guys, an exciting new study points to a relatively simple solution: exercise. In Prevention of Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, published in the most recent issue of the JAMA Journal of Internal Medicine, researchers investigated the efficacy of various interventions in the prevention of low back pain. Their conclusion? “The current evidence suggests that exercise alone or in combination with education is effective for preventing low back pain. Other interventions, including education alone, back belts, and shoe insoles do not appear to prevent low back pain.”  Read More »

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Spotlight on Andy Funk: Vegas in 24 Charity Ride

Here at AlterG, we love using this blog to tell you all about how our Anti-Gravity Treadmill can help you reach your health and wellness goals. From time to time, however, we like to take a break from this narrative self-indulgence to highlight what really makes this company great: our rock star users (you guys!). This week, we would like to direct your attention towards one such individual; a man whose accomplishments are rivaled only by his altruism, a man who has made it his mission to save lives by transforming the world of women’s health. This man, Andy “Funky Fresh” Funk (he doesn’t know his new nickname yet), has taken his athletic prowess and turned it into a force for the greater good, a feat that we hope this company can help promote within the sports and wellness communities. I could go on and on about Andy and his upcoming butt-busting Vegas in 24 charity ride (365 miles in 24 hours… did somebody say “saddle sores?”), but instead, I asked the Ironman to speak for himself, so without further adieu, here is our introduction of the man, the myth, the legend, Andy Funk and his audacious Vegas In 24 mission.  Read More »

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Easily Achieve your 2016 Fitness Resolutions

It may be cliché, but the “New Year-new you” spirit is here again. By now we are all well-aware that, in order to achieve optimal health, we need to get moving! Physical activity is crucial to wellness, but often, our noblest of exercise intentions are sabotaged by musculoskeletal injury. With many people doubling-down on fitness and wellness goals for 2016, the AlterG Anti-Gravity alter g hi res pintTreadmill can provide a safe, effective, enjoyable way to improve conditioning, shed excess weight, and achieve better health.

Read More »

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Spotlight on Dustin Hancock: Physical Therapist of the Week

Rausch PT

In the spirit of the holidays, we bring you another rockstar physical therapist spotlight, with a story more heartwarming than a steaming cup of cocoa. We were simply floored by Amy Hansen’s submission, nominating her physical therapist, Dustin Hancock of Rausch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance in Laguna Niguel, California. Her story is a true testament of just how impactful physical therapists can be in their patient’s lives. Read More »

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Exercising After Surgery: Communicating Its Benefit to Patients

Your patient has just had surgery. So far, his journey has been full of appointments, preparations, and anxiety. It’s natural that the absolute last thing he feels like doing is getting out of bed, much less pushing his body.

Yet, it’s been proven that exercise after surgery benefits patients and should be started as soon as possible after some surgical procedures, according to an April 2014 study in Current Opinion in Anesthesiology. Read More »

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AlterG Announces 2015 Physical Therapist of the Month

Holy moly, it’s November 23rd! With the temperatures turning decidedly crisper than our soon-to-be botched Thanksgiving turkeys, it is time, yet again, for an update from your AlterG family. We are please to announce that we have (finally) completed the extremely difficult task of selecting a winner for our annual “PT of the Month” contest. After pouring through each and every riveting, impassioned narrative, we have decided that Louis “Key West Lou” Petrone and his PT, Jenny Shelley, of Body Owners Physical Therapy and Wellness Center are this year’s champions!

Body Owners is a therapist-owned outpatient physical therapy clinic, with a special focus on the rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries and chronic conditions. Their treatment philosophy is twofold; focusing first on proper assessment and following up with hands-on treatment. They start by identifying any physical dysfunctions that may be causing a patient’s symptoms, then attack those dysfunctions through a variety of therapeutic techniques, including neuromuscular reeducation, rehabilitative exercise, and biomechanical correction. Their number one goal is to get patients happy and healthy, and to keep them that way! Read More »

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Do Active Seniors Need a Personal Trainer or Physical Therapist?

It’s important to maintain exercise, especially as you age. As physical therapists, you may be seeing more active seniors looking to stay fit after injuries or orthopedic surgery.

But active seniors who are keen on keeping their bodies fit may be signing up for gym classes or doing routines that are no longer safe. Think of all those Zumba classes or senior weight training classes. Who knows if the instructors are aware of their medical conditions and past injuries. Read More »

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4 Things To Maximize Elite Athletes Physical Therapy

Athletes are more likely to shred an ACL or destroy an ankle than the rest of the population. Constantly pushing their bodies to the extreme, sooner or later, they’re bound to injure themselves.

Although athletes may get injured, they’re often hardwired to recover and train harder, even while in physical therapy.

While being out of the game may be a severe blow to athletes, that often spurs them to do the work to get back in it. Read More »

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Muscle Injury Treatment: Who Should Patients See For Relief?

When your patients suddenly get injured, they may wonder, “Who should I see about this?”

Is it really bad enough to see a doctor? Is it minor enough that a massage therapist can work it out? Is it necessary to see a physical therapist for treating a muscle injury?

The answer may surprise your patients. Read More »

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