Moonwalking to a Healthy Weight


You’ve heard the eye-brow-raising statistics: 66 percent of Americans are overweight and almost 38 percent of all of us are obese. That rate is alarmingly higher than it was a generation ago, according to the annual report The State of Obesity.

If you’re overweight, you probably know it. But if you’re truly not sure why you don’t fit into your jeans from high school, consider that the World Health Organization (WHO) defines an overweight person with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 and an obese person with a BMI of 30 or more. Read More »

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South Carolina’s PT Lightens Up Therapy


Focus Physical Therapy & Fitness is a therapist owned practice in South Carolina. The staff takes pride in treating advanced sports injuries, workplace injuries, and the physical rehabilitation practice is dedicated to physical care, pain prevention and overall physical health.

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“Abnormal” MRIs and X-Rays From Pain-Free People: More Common Than You Think


Results from medical imaging – Xrays and MRIs – are not always the final word on pain and your ability to be physically active. These tools are vital in assisting medical providers to take an internal look at what ails us, but their ability to produce definitive diagnoses for the cause of musculoskeletal pains has been grossly over-utilized.

For instance, you may have pain and not have any abnormal findings on imaging. Or you may have abnormal findings, but not be in pain.

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A Game Changer for Fall Sports Injuries


When we think of the Fall season, many of us correlate these cooler days with sports. Some may think about chips and dip in front of the television watching NFL games. But many Americans of all ages are up off the couch and participating in sports like football, soccer, rugby, running, cycling, field hockey, lacrosse and tennis. It might surprise you to know that 212.6 million Americans in 2015 actively took part in sports and fitness, which is an increase from the prior year. And with that increase in activity comes an increase in injuries.

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How To Select the Right Physical Therapist


Your fractured leg is healed and your physician is writing a referral for physical therapy. You groan at the thought of doing tortuous exercises to re-gain strength and more mobility. Then you realize your bigger issue is which physical therapist (PT) to choose. You can name six therapy organizations in your area, and you’re not sure how they different. All their ads and websites claim they are be “the best.”

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Open Letter to a Reluctant Exerciser


Humans are designed to move. Let’s use running as an example. Evolutionists theorize running is as old as mankind’s initial ability to walk upright, dating back about 2 million years. We evolved as the ultimate endurance athlete. That characteristic – efficient movement — is quite possibly what allowed Homo sapiens to outlast the bulkier, slower Neanderthals by running and scavenging for food through open plains.

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National PT Month: Hopkinton and Ashland Physical Therapy


In honor of October being National PT Month, AlterG® celebrates the physical therapists who improve the lives of their patients by helping them recover better and faster, avoid pain medication or surgery, or simply live healthier and age better. While AlterG only selects one patient story about a therapist each year as its contest winner, hundreds of nominations are received from patients sharing their personal experience with the transformative power of physical therapy. In the spirit of inspiring health and recovery, we share one of those stories here.

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Movement Is Medicine for Patients Suffering From Osteoarthritis


Is it possible for those with osteoarthritis (OA) to avoid or delay hip and knee replacement surgery through physical therapy and exercise? Studies show that minimizing OA pain and getting people moving improve function and may delay the need for surgery. With the help of technology, physical therapists can encourage movement by decreasing or eliminating pain for these OA patients.

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Bonnie Iglesias’s Story: Today I Ran


Twenty years ago, I was a mom of two young daughters, an avid runner working for one of the biggest footwear companies in the world, and fighting weird changes in my body that I couldn’t understand. After months of testing, they finally told me the words I feared, “You have MS.”

Multiple Sclerosis is a weird disease that affects everyone differently. For me, I have had times where I couldn’t see, couldn’t walk or pick things up. I’m affected by heat and I forget things. But one of the worst things that I couldn’t do was run. Read More »

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Geriatric Exercise: the Ticket to Better Senior Health

Geriatric Exercises

By now, you are likely familiar with our evangelization of exercise. Here at AlterG, we certainly believe in the power of movement! Of course, the health benefits of geriatric exercise for seniors are well known. Better cardiovascular health, improved blood markers, stronger bones, and weight loss are just a few of the reasons to get up and get moving. What many people don’t realize, however, is that exercise can be especially important for seniors, a population not traditionally associated with strenuous physical activity. Read More »

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