AlterG Announces 2015 Physical Therapist of the Month

Holy moly, it’s November 23rd! With the temperatures turning decidedly crisper than our soon-to-be botched Thanksgiving turkeys, it is time, yet again, for an update from your AlterG family. We are please to announce that we have (finally) completed the extremely difficult task of selecting a winner for our annual “PT of the Month” contest. After pouring through each and every riveting, impassioned narrative, we have decided that Louis “Key West Lou” Petrone and his PT, Jenny Shelley, of Body Owners Physical Therapy and Wellness Center are this year’s champions!

Body Owners is a therapist-owned outpatient physical therapy clinic, with a special focus on the rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries and chronic conditions. Their treatment philosophy is twofold; focusing first on proper assessment and following up with hands-on treatment. They start by identifying any physical dysfunctions that may be causing a patient’s symptoms, then attack those dysfunctions through a variety of therapeutic techniques, including neuromuscular reeducation, rehabilitative exercise, and biomechanical correction. Their number one goal is to get patients happy and healthy, and to keep them that way! Read More »

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Do Active Seniors Need a Personal Trainer or Physical Therapist?

It’s important to maintain exercise, especially as you age. As physical therapists, you may be seeing more active seniors looking to stay fit after injuries or orthopedic surgery.

But active seniors who are keen on keeping their bodies fit may be signing up for gym classes or doing routines that are no longer safe. Think of all those Zumba classes or senior weight training classes. Who knows if the instructors are aware of their medical conditions and past injuries. Read More »

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4 Things To Maximize Elite Athletes Physical Therapy

Athletes are more likely to shred an ACL or destroy an ankle than the rest of the population. Constantly pushing their bodies to the extreme, sooner or later, they’re bound to injure themselves.

Although athletes may get injured, they’re often hardwired to recover and train harder, even while in physical therapy.

While being out of the game may be a severe blow to athletes, that often spurs them to do the work to get back in it. Read More »

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Muscle Injury Treatment: Who Should Patients See For Relief?

When your patients suddenly get injured, they may wonder, “Who should I see about this?”

Is it really bad enough to see a doctor? Is it minor enough that a massage therapist can work it out? Is it necessary to see a physical therapist for treating a muscle injury?

The answer may surprise your patients. Read More »

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Physical Therapy Exercises: Why Your Patients Quit

All physical therapists have had them: patients who—despite your best efforts—miss a few sessions, don’t listen to your recommendations, or stop showing up altogether.

Though physical therapy exercises are crucial for some patients’ recovery, they can be arduous to finish, for more than one reason.

Steven Marano, PT, DPT, OCS, Facility Manager at Midwest Orthopedics in the Chicago-based Rush University Medical Center, estimates that most physicians will provide a four to six week prescription for PT; for post-operative patients, the length of time can be increased between 12-16 weeks.  Most of his non-surgical patients will complete 75% of their prescribed time. Read More »

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4 Excellent Physical Therapy Patients You Probably Haven’t Considered

Physical therapy is about more than recovering from a torn ligament or sprain. It’s about restoring movement and strengthening people who are struggling with mobility and independence.

Aside from injured athletes, stroke survivors, and people recovering from surgery, here are 4 excellent physical therapy patients you probably haven’t considered who may benefit from services that restore mobility and decrease pain through partial weight-bearing exercise. Read More »

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Losing 70 Pounds to Keep a Promise


Meet Candace Brown

Candace Brown promised her late husband, Walter Brown, that she would run the Boston Marathon.  Before he died, Walter had served as the official starter for the race for 22 years.

In order to keep her promise, Candace used the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill to train for the 26.2 mile race, and in the process lost over 70lbs and reversed her diabetes. Read More »

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AlterG Employees Get Fit on the AlterG

Jesus Romo
Last week, four AlterG employees competed at and won the 2015 Penn Relays Corporate Distance Medley Relay.  We wanted to hear from them about their training and how they use the Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

Jesus Romo is an elite runner who competed in the 2014 USA Track and Field Championships in the 3000m Steeplechase, where he placed 14th.

Leading up to the Penn Relays, I primarily used the Anti-Gravity Treadmill for base building and recovery. Read More »

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AlterG Takes Home 3rd Title at the Penn Relays Corporate Distance Medley Relay


AlterG for the 3-Peat!


The AlterG Team with the coveted Penn Relays Wheel

We are thrilled to spread the news that AlterG is now the three-time Penn Relays Corporate Distance Medley Relays champion! Last Friday, four AlterG runners (and employees) from across the country met in Philadelphia to defend our title. They ran their best in the cold night to secure a decisive win over the second place team, JP Morgan (with their 240,000 employees). Read More »

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A Brief History of AlterG’s NASA Technology – The Early Years


First there was space…

This is how to run in space.

This is how you run in space.

In the 1960s, NASA started sending astronauts into space. At first, people spent only a short period of time outside the earth’s gravitational pull.

However, after the International Space Station was introduced, astronauts started extending their stay. The zero gravity environment began causing weight loss, muscle atrophy, and decreased bone density.   NASA was learning that exercising is hard when you can’t keep your feet on the ground! Read More »

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