Geriatric Exercise: the Ticket to Better Senior Health

Geriatric Exercises

By now, you are likely familiar with our evangelization of exercise. Here at AlterG, we certainly believe in the power of movement! Of course, the health benefits of geriatric exercise for seniors are well known. Better cardiovascular health, improved blood markers, stronger bones, and weight loss are just a few of the reasons to get up and get moving. What many people don’t realize, however, is that exercise can be especially important for seniors, a population not traditionally associated with strenuous physical activity. Read More »

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Maintenance Guide to the Anti-Gravity Treadmill

AlterG Maintenance

Keeping up with our maintenance recommendations will ensure your machine calibrates efficiently, prevent/prolong general wear and tear, and lastly provide your patients with a clean and hygienic experience. Check out our online store,, for recommended products! Read More »

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AlterG in the Olympics

2016 Olympics Image

As Rio 2016 kicks off, we’d like to take a moment to give kudos to all the athletes competing; the Olympic journey is certainly not an easy one, and we stand in awe of the sheer tenacity and dedication demonstrated by these elite athletes. AlterG salutes you all!

Indeed, these elites take their bodies to the limit (and beyond!) on a daily basis, walking that thin and perilous tightrope between peak fitness and devastating injury. Few athletes know this precarious balancing act more intimately than distance runners, who are known for pounding the pavement for upwards of 100 miles per week, a tall order for even the most genetically gifted among us. Read More »

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Customer Spotlight: Parker Physical Therapy

This month we’re happy to feature one of our customers from North Carolina and their experience in utilizing the AlterG at their clinic.

“I purchased the AlterG® for my practice in 2012 and it has been a great asset in my clinic. It is an essential tool that I use with as many my patients as I can. I have patients who have not run in years who are now able to ‘fly.’ The smiles on their faces are so rewarding. The versatility of being able to use the AlterG as an unweighting system without harnesses or having to change into swimsuits with a wet area are amazing. Here are a few examples of different types of patients I’ve had the opportunity to help in more drastic ways, thanks to AlterG: Read More »

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Exercise: the Key to Maintaining Senior Mobility and Independence

Senior Independence

Greetings from AlterG HQ! We hope everyone stateside had a fun, safely-pyrotechnic 4th of July. In honor of Independence Day, this week’s blog is all about maintaining mobility to retain independence. So blast off the last of those fireworks and let’s talk senior health!

A recent U.S. Census Bureau report found that “39 percent of people over age 65 battle at least one disability, and the most common hurdle they face is serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs.” Read More »

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Exercise: Better than Opioids for Pain Management?


It is no secret that America is in the midst of an opioid epidemic. Recent high-profile overdose-related deaths only underscore this unsettling trend of increasingly powerful and dangerous drugs being prescribed without fully considering the long-term consequences of this approach. Now, to be fair, opioids certainly have their place. Terminal patients and those suffering from extreme, persistent, incurable pain are just a couple of examples of those for whom opiates are a true necessity. At the same time, there are millions of people suffering from day to day chronic pain, from conditions such as osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia who could perhaps be better served through a non-opiate based approach. What does the research suggest as a stand-in for those magic little pills? Why, none other than that panacea of wellness: exercise! Read More »

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Eccentric Loading: An Achilles Tendinopathy Savior

Achilles Tendinopathy

Achilles Tendinopathy Treatment and Recovery with AlterG.

Greetings, Anti-Gravity disciples. Some of you may have stopped believing that I would follow through on my promise to bring you part two of our critically acclaimed Achilles tendinopathy post. But please, don’t stop believing (hold on to that feeling). That’s right, today, we are tackling the Achilles monster with a vengeance. So gather ‘round, and let’s outline our plan of attack against that dreaded tendinous foe. Read More »

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Exercise: the Best Medicine for Beating Back Dementia

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 5 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s. That means that every 66 seconds, a new diagnosis is made. Many of us are, unfortunately, familiar with the rapid onset and cruel, unsettling symptoms of this disease, by virtue of watching a loved one go through it. With no cure on the immediate horizon, it is easy to feel powerless in the face of such a vicious foe. While we may not be able to claim full victory over Alzheimer’s yet, we can take certain steps to mitigate its symptoms, and help our loved ones live longer, fuller lives in the process. Read More »

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Stuck in a Rut On Your Road to Weight Loss? Try Defying Gravity!

It’s no secret that America’s collective waistline has been expanding over the last few decades. What may surprise you, however, is just how many extra notches we have had to add to our national belt. According to the CDC, a staggering 70.7% of adults are overweight, with 37.9% falling within the “obese” category.

obesity case study image

These startling statistics aren’t a simple matter of national vanity either. Indeed, we are on the edge of the precipice of a healthcare crisis, due to the rapidly increasing numbers of people suffering from obesity related conditions, such as Type II Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, and Hypertension.
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AlterG is Going for the FourPeat! It’s Penn Relays Week!

Oh man. Can you feel the hype right now?! I’m telling you, the air at HQ is so thick with excitement, you could cut it with a butter knife.


Last year’s crew

Or maybe that’s just the sweat lingering in the air from our valiant Penn Relays team putting in their last workouts before the big day this Friday.

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