Losing 70 Pounds to Keep a Promise


Meet Candace Brown

Candace Brown promised her late husband, Walter Brown, that she would run the Boston Marathon.  Before he died, Walter had served as the official starter for the race for 22 years.

In order to keep her promise, Candace used the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill to train for the 26.2 mile race, and in the process lost over 70lbs and reversed her diabetes.

When she started her training last fall, Candace said to herself, “I don’t think this is going to happen.” Fast-forward to April 20, 2015 and Candace is all smiles as she crosses the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 6 hours and 1 minute!

How did she do it?

In October, Candace learned about the AlterG near her home at the Central Vermont Medical Center. She attended a running clinic and met Susan Stephen, a therapist at the CVMC.

In November, Susan helped Candace start training regularly on the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. She began workouts that mixed up her training with varied incline, speed, and body weight progressions.

You can follow her program by clicking here

By April, Candace had lost over 70 lbs and had already run 23 miles in preparation for the 26.2-mile Boston Marathon.


With the support of family, friends, and fans, Candace conquered the 26.2 miles and completed the marathon in 6:01. She was accompanied by her two twin daughters who ran with her the entire way.

Weight Loss, Running, Healthy Living

According to Candace, her diabetes has nearly reversed and she lost over 70 lbs while training for the Boston Marathon. The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill allowed her to run and “made all of the difference” as she built up her strength and endurance.

It’s clear that the AlterG Anti-Gravity has helped Candace get on her feet.  “I’m more willing to go out and climb Spruce Mountain!”

Words of Advice

In a recent interview with PROBAR, Candace gave the following advice to others who may be trying to get up the courage to run a marathon or just start running.

“For me to change gears from “trying” to “doing” I had to realize that it was for me, not anyone else. In my case, Walter asked me to run in Boston, which, of course put the idea in my head, but accepting the challenge and honoring his request were about me.”

Thanks, Candace!

Thanks from everyone here at AlterG for inspiring us and showing us what’s possible with determination and courage!

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AlterG Employees Get Fit on the AlterG

Last week, four AlterG employees competed at and won the 2015 Penn Relays Corporate Distance Medley Relay.  We wanted to hear from them about their training and how they use the Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

Jesus Romo is an elite runner who competed in the 2014 USA Track and Field Championships in the 3000m Steeplechase, where he placed 14th.

Jesus Romo“Leading up to the Penn Relays, I primarily used the Anti-Gravity Treadmill for base building and recovery. That means that I would often add more miles on the AlterG at the end of my recovery runs to increase my volume. I would also run on the AlterG after my hard workouts to reduce adding damage to my tired and sore legs. It’s nice to get the legs moving at a faster rate and feel lighter than usual, especially when I’m sore.”


Bea Tran is one of the first employees at AlterG.  Over the past year, she’s been training hard to make the team for the Penn Relays, and her training really paid off! 

Bea Tran“I am lucky to have so many different avenues to train for the Penn Relays. When I am not on the track running sprints or at Coyote Park running hill intervals, I jump on the AlterG! Even though I like being outside, it’s a huge relief to be able to train without all of my weight on my knees and joints. The AlterG made a real difference in my speed while training for the 400m leg!”



Barry Heyden loves the AlterG so much that he actually got one for his home in New York. A former trainer for the Mets, Barry now inspires AlterG employees and users to stay fit with innovative training techniques (like pulling trucks).  

Barry Heden“In preparation from the 800 meter leg of the DMR, I used the AlterG to work on over-speed training and single leg over-speed drills. Because of the AlterG, I was able to cruise around that track at 47-years-young and feel great! On recovery days I would do an over-speed walk, which reduces ground reaction force while I walk into the bag for increased resistance. This workout would elevate my heart rate up to the upper limits without adding stress to my joints. The AlterG allowed me to work on my running mechanics with a lot of good repetition and it also helped me focus on low triple flexion, which helps to reduce ground reaction force stress. While useful for training, it also kept me healthy when I was doing 2-a-day work out runs. I also combined the use of high-altitude with the AlterG.”

Michael Coe is a 5-time All-American runner at the University of California, Berkeley and has run a mile in under 4 minutes.  As he “gets older,” he likes to train on the AlterG to take the strain off of his legs during speed sessions.

Michael Coe“I use the AlterG on a weekly basis to recover the day after hard workouts, and also to get extra speed work in for leg turnover. Most of my AlterG runs are between 80-85% body weight, which takes the load off allowing me to focus on my running form and recover faster. I rely on it to stay healthy and strong as I get older and work full time.”

These four runners aren’t the only AlterG employees that can be found regularly using the Anti-Gravity Treadmill to run or walk. Because we value exercise, wellness, and mobility, everyone is encouraged to find time during the day to stay active.

Remember, if you ever have questions about how to use the AlterG with a particular patient type or athlete, you can always contact the team here at marketing@alterg.com.

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AlterG Takes Home 3rd Title at the Penn Relays Corporate Distance Medley Relay


AlterG for the 3-Peat!


The AlterG Team with the coveted Penn Relays Wheel

We are thrilled to spread the news that AlterG is now the three-time Penn Relays Corporate Distance Medley Relays champion! Last Friday, four AlterG runners (and employees) from across the country met in Philadelphia to defend our title. They ran their best in the cold night to secure a decisive win over the second place team, JP Morgan (with their 240,000 employees).

Check out the race video here!

For the running enthusiasts among you, our splits were 3:08 for the 1200m (Jesus Romo), 74 for the 400m (Bea Tran – female), 2:24 for the 800m (Barry Heyden – 40+ year-old), and 4:22 for the 1600m (Michael Coe).

Why do we love participating in this event?

At AlterG, we strive to live by the values that our products promote – wellness, health, mobility, and performance. Through corporate competitions like this, we get the opportunity to put these values on display.

While not everyone at AlterG can run a 4-minute mile, we all understand the important role that exercise and mobility play in our overall health and wellness. Our employees are encouraged to find time during the day to stay active – whether this means practicing yoga, lifting weights, using our TRX, or (of course) running on the Anti-Gravity Treadmill, our company gym is almost always in use!

Bringing the company together

Go Team AlterG

The AlterG Crew Sending Positive Vibes from HQ

Our team’s win at Penn Relays truly is a win for the entire company! While we do love winning, the great thing about an event like this is how it brings our company together. While only four employees were on the track, they knew that they represented everyone at our headquarters in California and our sales reps and technicians around the country and world! (For example, the internal company email thread following this victory was the longest one we’ve ever had!)

Workplace wellness

As corporate wellness programs become more and more common, AlterG is excited to continue putting our values on display through friendly competitions like the Penn Relays Corporate DMR and the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. We’d like to thank Stew Beltz and the team at the Penn Relays for putting on the event!

(Don’t forget — The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a great tool for any company looking to encourage more exercise and wellness among their employees!  Contact us at marketing@alterg.com.) 

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A Brief History of AlterG’s NASA Technology – The Early Years


First there was space…

This is how to run in space.

This is how you run in space.

In the 1960s, NASA started sending astronauts into space. At first, people spent only a short period of time outside the earth’s gravitational pull.

However, after the International Space Station was introduced, astronauts started extending their stay. The zero gravity environment began causing weight loss, muscle atrophy, and decreased bone density.   NASA was learning that exercising is hard when you can’t keep your feet on the ground!

To solve this problem, Dr. Robert Whalen, a NASA engineer, was tasked with developing a way for astronauts to exercise in space. He came up with a few options for NASA to consider, including a concept with a pressurized bubble that held astronauts down on a treadmill using air-pressure.

Just flip the pump!

All great ideas start in a garage!

While NASA decided to pursue one of Robert’s other ideas, his son Sean took a liking to his father’s concept of an air-pressure controlled treadmill. However, instead of adding gravity to run in space, he wanted to defy gravity to run on earth. By simply flipping the air pump, Sean created the concept for the Anti-Gravity Treadmill. While his father’s treadmill pulled the user onto the treadmill with a pressure-vacuum, Sean’s idea used air pressure to gently life the user off of the treadmill!

Sean and his father decided to make this idea a reality and went to work in their family’s garage in Palo Alto to develop the technology for what would become the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. After many months of trial and error, Sean created the first working prototype in 2005.

Time to bring in the professionals

Alberto Salazar was the first to adopt AlterG technology with his Olympic athletes

Alberto Salazar was the first to adopt AlterG technology with his Olympic athletes

Before the first prototype was even finished, Alberto Salazar (an Olympic runner and coach of the best runners in the world) heard about the technology and wanted to help develop it for his athletes to use. He saw the ability to unweight a runner and reduce the impact of training as an invaluable tool for any competitive long distance runner.

Alberto Salazar began using the prototype with his athletes, including 10,000m Olympic silver medalist Galen Rupp (see picture). After Salazar and his athletes got on board, local Bay Area teams like the Oakland Raiders and Golden State Warriors started using the prototype in their training rooms.

AlterG becomes AlterG

In 2007, AlterG sold its first commercial unit to the Washington Wizards. Soon after, other NBA, NFL, and universities started defying gravity, too.

While today’s Anti-Gravity Treadmills look different than the prototype, the concept behind the magic remains the same. By creating a pressurized lifting force around the lower half of the body, the “differential air pressure” can be controlled to produced a variable lifting force for someone to walk, run, and exercise with reduced and adjustable impact.

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AlterG Defending Title at the 2015 Penn Relays Corporate Distance Medley Relay


Under the Lights of Historic Franklin Field at the University of Pennsylvania

Members of the 2014 championship team celebrate their victory with the Penn Relays Wheel

Members of the 2014 championship team celebrate their victory with the Penn Relays Wheel

This Friday night, at the University of Pennsylvania, four AlterG employees will take the track to defend our title as the two-time Corporate Distance Medley Relay Champions.  The Penn Relays, hosted by the University of Pennsylvania, is the largest and oldest track & field competition in the US.  Professional, collegiate, and high-school runners compete in a variety of relay races over four days, and attendance can top 50,000 people!

Companies across the US also get to display their athletic prowess by competing in the Corporate Distance Medley Relay.  The event consists of four legs: 1200m, 400m, 800m, 1600m, and all corporate teams must have one woman and one person over the age of 40.

Going for a three-peat!

Up against corporate giants like General Electric and Lockheed Martin, AlterG first made a splash in this event in 2013 by taking down the defending champion.  In 2014, with some new members on the team, AlterG improved their time and repeated their victory with a time of 11:00.50.

On Friday April 23, four AlterG employees, Jesus Romo, Bea Tran, Barry Heyden, and Michael Coe, will attempt to win for the third year in a row.

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Testimonial from Marc Boff | Director of Sports Medicine | NBC’s The Biggest Loser

Marc Boff, Director of Sports Medicine for NBC's The Biggest Loser, instructions contestant during calibration.

Marc Boff, Director of Sports Medicine for NBC’s The Biggest Loser, instructs contestant during calibration.

Marc Boff, Director of Sports Medicine for NBC’s The Biggest Loser, uses the AlterG Anti-­Gravity Treadmill to help contestants train through injuries and achieve their weight loss goals.

— —

“We are extremely fortunate to have the AlterG Anti-­Gravity Treadmill in our Sports Medicine department on set at The Biggest Loser. With its precise ability to control and manipulate weight-­bearing forces, it has become one of the most utilized modalities for not only its therapeutic benefits but also for its continued weight loss results. Read More »

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears: Surgery or Not To Surgery, That Is The Question


A new study published late last month in the New England Journal of Medicine discussed whether or not surgery was the best option for an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear. Most of the articles that I have read on this new study have made the recent results a bigger issue than it really is. For physical therapists and physicians, the option to avoid surgery has always been available to patients, depending on the individual’s goals and the physician’s recommendations. Read More »

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Using the AlterG to Conquer the NYC Marathon

This is a wonderful and inspiring story that we received from Amber Fatone, an avid runner who uses the AlterG at Finish Line PT in New York. Read More »

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Hip Injuries and Your Rehabilitation Options

Hip injuries are among the most common causes of reduced mobility and disability in adults older than 60. Rehabilitation after hip injury can greatly reduce the chances of becoming disabled. Treatment that includes extensive physical therapy has been shown to enhance recovery results after hip injury, improving mobility, strength, range of motion, balance and endurance — all critical factors in the ability to resume an active lifestyle. Read More »

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Road to the Olympics: Interview with Shannon Rowbury

With the 2012 London Olympics right around the corner, AlterG is buzzing with excitement. Which AlterG athletes will make the team? Who will take home the gold? Who is using the AlterG to train?

One Olympic hopeful, Shannon Rowbury, has been using the AlterG for years. In between her extensive training regimen we were able to speak with Shannon and dig deeper about her use of the AlterG. Read More »

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