Macon Rehabilitation & Performance Center Case Study Interview

Macon Rehabilitation & Performance Center

Name: Sammy K. Bonfim PT, M.S, Cert. D.N
Title: President, Physical Therapist
Practice Name: Macon Rehabilitation & Performance Center
Location: 125 Plantation Centre Dr. South, BLDG 900, Macon, Georgia 31210
Specialties: General Orthopedics, Sports Rehabilitation
Prominent Patients/Groups that You Advise: Athletes, Geriatrics, Work Related Injuries Read More »

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Customer Spotlight: University of Vermont Health Network

University of Vermont Health Network
AlterG came into my life in November of 2014. My husband had just passed away and before he died he told me to “run the marathon” and get the whole experience. He was referring to the Boston Marathon, where my husband, Walter Brown, had been “the starter” for the last 22 years. I had accompanied him to the event regularly, but only as a spectator at the start of the race. I was obese, diabetic and clueless about how to do this. But I made a promise to Walter, so I started trying to figure it out on my own. Read More »

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Empower Physical Therapy: One Athlete’s Success Story

Empower P
Halfway through my Marathon Training Plan, I felt a sharp pain in my heel followed by severe pain in my arch. Having been a runner for four years, this pain concerned me since I had never experienced that type of pain before. I was at the point in my training where my mileage would increase into high double digits, but I couldn’t run through the pain and didn’t know what to do. Feeling defeated and concerned that I would need to cancel my first marathon, I contacted a running friend and a coach who recommended Empower Physical Therapy and Fitness. Read More »

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Man who is stressed

Stress is an unavoidable part of human life. In small doses, stress is a GOOD thing because it enables us to recognize and overcome both physical and psychological threats to our well-being.  Acute (immediate and short-term) stress prepares the body for more challenging tasks.  Once the body encounters a stressor, overcomes it, and then returns to a normal rested state, it is better prepared and capable of handling a new stressor of potentially greater intensity. This is how we adapt and build resiliency for increased stress in the future. Read More »

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Part II: Sleeping Strategies To Supercharge Your Mind And Body

Man That Can't Sleep at Night.

In part I of this series, the benefits of getting enough sleep, ideally 7-9 hours each night, were discussed. However, many people frequently struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep.  Here are some effective ways to maximize your quality of sleep: Read More »

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Sleeping Strategies To Supercharge Your Mind And Body: Part I

Woman waking up from a restful nights sleep

We live in a fast paced, demanding society that often views downtime as time wasted. Attaining adequate sleep on a regular basis frequently becomes of secondary importance to cramming the day with as many activities as possible before hitting the hay. Even if going to bed an hour or two earlier than planned seems to come at the expense of a workout, an important work project or social function, doing so can have a significant positive impact on your health and wellness goals. It can make you more productive, healthier, and happier throughout your waking hours. Some of the many benefits of getting enough sleep include: Read More »

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AlterG Customer Spotlight: Altitude Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

  Interview Questions and Answers

  1. When did you first start using AlterG? 2012
  2. What attracted you to the AlterG solution? (either business or clinical) From a clinical perspective, it was an opportunity to expand our cardiovascular conditioning of patients without knee, hip or ankle pain.
  3. How were you achieving partial weight bearing therapy with patients prior to using AlterG? Sending them outside the clinic for aquatic therapy.
  4. How does AlterG help you overcome those limitations? We can see patients in our office and monitor their therapy/rehab. Read More »
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The Exercise and Sleep Connection

Woman waking up from sleep

Having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or getting the recommended seven to eight hours a night? If you’ve bought a new mattress, use light blocking shades, don’t drink caffeine past 2 p.m. and still don’t’ sleep well, there’s a good chance you need more exercise in your day. Read More »

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Walk This Way: Gait Training for Functional Improvement


For most of us, walking just happens. We don’t spend time thinking about moving our bodies forward and we typically don’t worry about it. But for those with an illness or injury or who are overweight, in pain or deconditioned, walking across the room may seem the same as climbing a mountain. Decreased efficiency, increased energy expenditure, decreased balance and increased fall risk are all the possible results of an altered gait. Read More »

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Empowering Breast Cancer Patients With Exercise

breast-cancer boxing gloves

If your patient has been through breast cancer treatment, you know she’s on a brutal uphill climb. And the battle doesn’t end after the cancer is in remission.

The lump may be removed, but women deal with the psychological trauma of how their lives have changed after treatment. Plus, they may be struggling with limited function of their arms and shoulders after surgery and radiation.

Read More »

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