Olympic Coach Alberto Salazar Uses the Anti-Gravity Treadmill to Train the World's Best Runners

Oregon Project Coach and Olympic Marathoner Alberto Salazar

Benefits of using the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Salazar won three New York City marathons in a row from 1980-82. His time of 2:08:13 in 1981 set the world record for the marathon at the time, and was followed in 1982 with a Boston Marathon title. Salazar also set six American records on the track. The Oregon Project coach has guided athletes such as 2012 gold medalist Mo Farah and silver medalist Galen Rupp to incredibly successful careers.   

After years of putting his body through massive amounts of miles and stress, Salazar believes that the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is the tool that will allow him to continue running for many years to come. He is also using it in his athletes’ training regimen. The unweighting technology reduces impact on athletes’ joints and muscles, which enables Salazar to add 15-25 percent more volume to their weekly mileage without overtraining. He believes that it has the ability to keep his athletes healthier during the training process, and has already witnessed a reduced amount of injuries as a result. 

Watch Salazar discuss the benefits of the Anti-Gravity Treadmill and the revolutionary form of cross training that the technology provides for runners.