Strength After A Stroke

Strength after a Stroke with the Bionic Leg

Learn how AlterG is changing the way Stroke Patients Rehab

Watch Lynn Movsessian, Director of Rehabilitation at Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital demonstrate exercises using the AlterG Bionic Leg with Mike, a patient who is four years post stroke.

The Bionic Leg provides patient-initiated motor assistance and enables patients to reach higher functional levels, increase balance, improve gait mechanics, and strengthen weak muscles. 

By using the AlterG Bionic Leg, Mike is able to regain balance and improve his gait pattern for improved mobility after years of physical therapy post stroke. Exercises such as sit-to-stands, weight shifting to the left side, stairs, and wall slides are all executed using the AlterG Bionic Leg. After only two sessions with the AlterG Bionic Leg, Lynn was able to see immediate improvement in Mike’s gait pattern. 

Watch Mike use the AlterG Bionic Leg during his therapy and experience a new outlook on recovery.