The Impact of the AlterG Bionic Leg

See how Stroke Patients Gain Mobility with the Bionic Leg

Revolutionizing Physical Therapy for Neuro Patients

The AlterG Bionic Leg is a wearable mobility-training device that allows patients to increase overall function by assisting the weakened limb and providing balance during therapy. It provides advanced robotic assisted rehabilitation with safe support for mobility impaired patients recovering from stroke, orthopedic injury or surgery, incomplete spinal cord injury, or traumatic brain injury, as well as patients with Multiple Sclerosis or general lower extremity weakness. 

The Bionic Leg helps patients get stronger during therapy sessions, allowing more independent function outside of therapy and progress towards an improved quality of life. The device assists patients’ weakened or affected limb to enable improved balance and confidence during rehabilitation, a true game changer for those suffering from mobility impairment. 

Watch several patients use the AlterG Bionic Leg after suffering from stroke and mobility impairment conditions, and witness the emotional experience of life-changing mobility improvement.