AlterG Workouts and Training Tips

Athlete Workouts and Training Tips on the Pro 200

Watch AlterG Fitness Instructor Barry Heyden demonstrate different types of performance training exercises with body weight support using the AlterG Pro 200 Anti-Gravity Treadmill. 

Using NASA-patented differential air-pressure unweighting technology, the AlterG Pro 200 Anti-Gravity Treadmill allows athletes to experience reduced bodyweight by as much as 80 percent. Athletes are able to maintain and develop fitness while recovering from injury, achieve a higher level of conditioning without extra stress on joints, and recover faster after training. The Anti-Gravity Treadmill enables athletes to train harder and enhance their physical therapy experience with less impact and a new outlook on recovery.

Athletes can perform different types of workouts such as speed intervals, speed intervals backwards, single leg plyometric progression, single leg plyometric progression backwards, running with a resistance band, running backwards with a resistance band, and single leg hops with side resistance band all in a safe environment with less impact.