Proximal Tibia Fracture Treatment

One Patients Story to Treatment and Recovery

““Orthopedic injuries can only bear a certain amount of weight. With this machine, we can gauge how much weight and be compliant with the doctor’s orders. The patient can exercise without as much pain.””

Trent Leonard, Rehabilitation Service Manager, Life Care Center

One Patients Proximal Tibia Fracture Recovery Story

Michael Skryd, PTA


Patient is a 17 y/o male track/cross country athlete recovering from a left tibial fracture. Patient’s tibia was weakened from a previously undiagnosed stress fracture and suffered a closed fracture while running on 5/25/2012. After seeing an orthopedic surgeon, physical therapy and AlterG treatment was prescribed. An orthopedic boot was worn until 7/12/12 and weightbearing was limited. Patient started Proximal Tibia Fracture treatment on 6/19/2012 to maintain strength and range of motion while wearing the boot.

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  1. Increase left ankle range of motion to within normal limits
  2. Decrease pain at fracture site to 0/10 VAS
  3. Increase left leg muscle strength to WNL
  4. Run at 50% weightbearing for 30 minutes
  5. Normalize gait pattern
  6.  Return to running outside pain free
  7. Return to competitive sports (track, cross country running

History / Progression

  • 6/19/2012: Initial evaluation completed with Physical Therapist on site
  • 6/20-7/11/2012: Patient did therapeutic physical therapy exercises 2-3x/week, (focusing on strength and range of motion)
  • 7/12/2012: Patient saw orthopedic surgeon and cleared to weight bear without the orthopedic boot, start more aggressive therapy, and start running on the AlterG physical  therapy equipment
  • 7/13/2012- 8/14/2012: Patient does AlterG running and physical therapy 2-3x /week
  • 8/15/2012: Patient saw orthopedic surgeon with x-ray showing good fracture healing and cleared for low mileage running outside every other day
  • 8/15-9/7/2012: Patient continues high level physical therapy, as well as AlterG focusing primarily on speed work and returning to previous 4-5 minute mile pace
  • 9/8/12: Patient saw orthopedic surgeon and was discharged from physical therapy with complete healing and recovery of fracture site
  • 9/9/2012: Patient returned to full training regime for cross country/track with good prognosis

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Patient progressed very well through physical therapy programs and AlterG running from start to finish. Patient was able to accomplish all goals, short and long term, set throughout treatment with the help of the AlterG. Initially, the AlterG allowed for return to running/weightbearing with less impact. Secondarily, the AlterG allowed patient to continue cardiovascular training while recovering, so he could return to his pre-injury mile times, by performing speed-work at slightly decreased weightbearing percentages. Overall, the AlterG showed results that include, but are not limited to: quicker recovery time, increased muscle tone/strength, and faster overall return to previous activity levels.

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