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AlterG Accessories

AlterG® LiftAccess

The AlterG® LiftAccess wraps around the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill®, minimizing the overall footprint of the system.

  • Provides security and increases safety while entering and exiting the system
  • Stabilizes torso for users with decreased trunk control
  • Easy to attach harness to users while sitting
  • The system extends 35 inches beyond the rear of the treadmill providing vertical lift from even the largest wheelchairs.
  • Vertical lifting force provided by a DC powered motor capable of lifting clients up to 400 lbs
  • Vertical lift range: 77 inches—easily accommodates patients while seated or standing
  • System width: 43 inches
  • Total system weight: 450 lbs
  • Includes one standard size harness, an AlterG mat, a hand held remote control and charging station


8’4" height accommodates ambulating users to 5’10" while still stabilized by the lift system. Minimum ceiling height requirement is 8’9"


8’10" tall unit accommodates users to 6’4" in height. Minimum ceiling height requirement is 9’3"


9’4" version provides extra head clearance for taller users of the system. Minimum ceiling height requirement is 9’9"

The harness is available in 10 different sizes (XS-5XL) to accommodate a wide range of patients

XS 24” – 28”
Small 28” – 32”
Medium 32” – 36”
Double Medium 34” – 38”
Large 36” – 40”
XL 40” – 44”
2XL 44” – 48”
3XL 48” – 52”
4XL 52” – 56”
5XL 56” – 60”

Clinics offering cutting edge physical therapy equipment and patients alike both benefit from this revolutionary Anti-Gravity Treadmill.