A fun, versatile and effective tool for

Pediatric rehab.

alterG P200 Anti-gravity treadmill

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Pediatric Physical Therapy Treadmill

The Freedom to Play

In pediatric physical therapy and rehabilitation, the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® offers innovative NASA-patented unweighting technology that is both effective and fun. The Anti-Gravity Treadmill:

  • Enables children to perform physical activities they previously couldn’t
  • Keeps kids motivated and engaged by making therapy fun and letting them "walk on the moon!”
  • Helps children with injuries or developmental disorders train their legs to walk or even run
  • Allows for neuromuscular re-education in a fall safe environment
  • Helps children get mobile again, with little to no pain which may help improve their overall quality of life

For Kids’ Sake

AlterG’s Anti-Gravity Treadmill brings a fun, versatile and effective tool to pediatric physical therapy and rehabilitation. It can be used in therapy for children with Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Movement and Gait Dysfunction, Brain Injuries, Post-surgical Rehab and more.

Pediatric Rehab on a Different Level

Pediatric physical therapists are rapidly discovering the value that the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill adds to their rehabilitation programs. This revolutionary pediatric treadmill provides therapists with a way to keep their patients motivated and excited about therapy. The safe, comfortable, and controlled body weight support system allows pediatric rehabilitation patients to work on:

  • Endurance - improve cardiovascular health
  • Strength - increase muscle strength and coordination
  • Training - correct lower-limb gait dysfunction
  • Range of Motion - keep the body flexible and maintain good joint health
  • Balance - reduce the likelihood of falls by training in a controlled environment

Beyond Baby Steps

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill makes pediatric physical therapy fun and engaging to help children recover the strength and mobility they need to get back to the fun of being a kid.

Stride Smart:
Precision Unweighting + Gait Analytics

Now you can integrate gait and video analytics into therapy to identify asymmetry and gait deficiencies, and precisely dial-in the body weight support needed to enable pain-free, normalized gait. Achieving the optimal rehab program for your patient has never been easier.

The new Stride Smart system provides you with objective data and visual monitoring for both patients and clinicians. Now you’re able to optimize recovery after injury or surgery or help your athletes prevent injuries by using data.

Instant Feedback, Better Results with Video Monitoring

Show your patients what they can’t feel. Take advantage of our improved video system, now with recording capabilities. Show your patients their gait in real-time, or record clips, play back in slow motion, or save for your patients records.

Key Gait Metrics for Your Rehab Program

By adding objective data measurements to AlterG’s Anti-Gravity technology, you can now quantify the impact of varying body weight percentages on gait symmetry and cadence to help your patients achieve success. Stride Smart will measure:

  • Weight bearing symmetry
  • Cadence
  • Step length symmetry
  • Stance time symmetry
Stride Smart: The Next Generation of Anti-Gravity Technology

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See What People Are Saying About AlterG

The AlterG could make other children with disabilities feel better about themselves. I get more physical activity. I sleep better and eat better. I feel better both physically and emotionally.

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