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Improve Outcomes with Stride Smart Gait Analytics & Video Monitoring

Amplify the power of AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® precision unweighting therapy with Stride Smart Gait Analytics and the Digital Video Monitoring System (Digital VMS).

With Stride Smart, you get powerful, simplified, real-time gait mechanics data. So you can more easily make confident clinical decisions and achieve optimal rehab programs. Stride Smart is intuitive, it’s engaging, it’s collaborative, and it’s designed for smarter therapy.

Digital VMS gives your patients or athletes instant visual feedback, helping them see abnormalities they may not feel in motion. So you can work better together and get more from rehab and training programs.


Optimize Therapy with Stride Smart Gait Analytics

Stride Smart for AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmills® amplifies the power of precision unweighting therapy with real-time, intuitive, objective data assessment. By integrating gait analytics and pain recording with AlterG unweighting technology, Stride Smart enables you to harness key objective measures and optimize rehab in a wide variety of clinical applications. Easily, intelligently, and on the fly.

Better still, convenient reporting features will help you meet increasing requirements for demonstrating quality of care and medical necessity.

Stride Smart is integrated with built-in video monitoring in the new Via® and is optional for the M/F320.

Weight Bearing Symmetry

Improves balance control and reduces risk of pain and joint degeneration from overuse in the unaffected leg.

Step Length Symmetry

Improves symmetry for increased step length, better walking speed, more efficient gait, and reduced fall risk.

Stance Time Symmetry

Helps patients correct asymmetries to achieve increased step length, walking speed, and improved stance time.


Improvements can lead to faster gait, better mobility, and improved health.

Pain Recording

Correlating gait and unweighting with patient-reported pain scores helps establish optimal parameters for therapy.


Use Digital VMS to Enhance Feedback

Patient/athlete and therapist/trainer collaboration is one of the keys to successful rehabilitation. Digital VMS helps physical therapists and athletic trainers bridge the gap between complex data analysis and the user’s actual movements. With the ability to record and play back clips in slow motion, patients and athletes can actually see their steps as they take them, allowing for on-the-go corrections to gait and stride.

Digital VMS is available in both the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® Pro 200 and M/F320.

Show your patients and athletes motion mechanics they can’t feel for themselves:

  • Record and play 10-second clips, both in normal speed and slow motion.
  • Toggle between three different high-speed digital cameras: front, lateral, and rear views. (Via features one built-in camera with front view.)
  • Help users identify and understand abnormal gait and stride patterns.
  • Prevent bad habits or future injuries by seeing and correcting deficiencies in real time.
  • Analyze and view gait mechanics on a widescreen monitor.