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The AlterG Bionic Leg, A Wearable Robotic Walking Device

Take the first step in neurologic and orthopedic therapy.

The AlterG Bionic Leg™ is more than a rehab tool; it’s a wearable robotic walking device. It is a vital key to providing you with greater mobility and increasing your confidence. When your therapist incorporates the AlterG Bionic Leg into your rehab:

  • You may see dramatic results in your mobility and strength.
  • It can help you re-learn functional movements. 
  • It can provide greater support for you during walking or balance exercises.
  • You may experience dramatic progress towards an improved quality of life.

Mobility through versatility.

The AlterG Bionic Leg can help you take your neuro and ortho therapy to the next level. From increasing your overall function to improving your walking and balance, the Bionic Leg is an effective tool to keep you moving on the road towards your recovery and general wellness.

A Reliable Foundation.

When used during neuro and ortho rehab, the AlterG Bionic Leg:

  • Helps get you stronger during therapy sessions so you can function more independently out of therapy.
  • Assists your weakened or affected limb, which lets you complete more exercises during therapy.
  • Improves your balance and confidence during therapy, making it easier to practice walking, sit-to-stand, and stair climbing. 

See What People Are Saying About AlterG

It makes all the difference in the world! Here I am with a broken leg, walking up stairs.

Patient at Rosewood Rehab in Reno, NV, Reno, NV

I can see improved toe clearance since I started therapy with the Bionic Leg. In fact, since starting Bionic Leg therapy, if I’m not wearing shoes, I am able to clear my toe on my own, without wearing the AFO.

Lindsay Palmer (30 yo patient) working with Dr. Byl, UCSF

The part I found most unbelievable was how it responded almost as quickly as my other leg. It was so responsive that it actually felt like it was part of me.

Brent Rose of Gizmoto, Gizmoto

It reacts to what I do, almost calibrating how much effort I am doing myself. I've only been using it for two or three months but I can notice the difference already.