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AlterG Bionic Leg

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Patient Initiated, Wearable Robotic Assisted Therapy

At home physical therapy with AlterG®.

With the AlterG Bionic Leg™, home health providers can bring advanced mobility therapy to the patient’s home, something that no other device offers. When incorporating the Bionic Leg into a rehab session, a home health therapist can rely on the Bionic Leg to:

  • Enable mobility exercises while stabilizing and protecting the patient
  • Allows the physical therapist to facilitate better quality of movement
  • Improve patient function in the home environment

More ways to help your patients with robotic assisted therapy.

The AlterG Bionic Leg, when used with the elderly or patients with lower extremity neurologic or orthopedic impairments, serves as a valuable tool for:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs
  • Improving patient functional levels and balance
  • Gait training and strengthening
  • Practicing transfers, sit-to-stand exercises, pre-gait training and over-ground walking
  • Building patient confidence to achieve mobility goals

Greater stability. Greater capability.

The AlterG Bionic Leg redefines what can be accomplished by physical therapists working with in-home patients. By providing patient initiated motor assistance during sit to stand exercises, over ground walking, and stair climbing, the Bionic Leg enables patients to reach higher functional levels, increase balance, improve gait mechanics, and strengthen weak muscles. The outcome for the patient is often greater independence in the home.

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The Bionic Leg’s convenient lightweight travel case enables home health providers to serve their patients better than ever before with robotic assisted therapy. With the Bionic Leg, a single therapist can safely and confidently have patients of nearly any size on their feet and on the road to better mobility in less than 5 minutes.