New Clinical Evidence

Case Studies

Click on the points on the left side to see the links to clinical case studies written by physical therapists and athletic trainers who have experience using the AlterG. These medical professionals have provided data and insights on how they were able to help their athletes and patients recover from a variety of injuries or surgical conditions utilizing AlterG’s partial weight bearing technology.


The foundation of the body in standing and walking, pain or injuries to the foot can lead to problems up the kinetic chain to the knees, hips, and even spine. The AlterG's Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology can help decrease or eliminate pain and prevent compensatory motions, by precisely reducing weight through the foot, in standing and at heel strike. The ability to encourage and maintain these normal mechanics makes the AlterG the perfect tool for gait training at any level.


One of the most commonly injured joints by athletes and non-athletes alike, ankle problems affect the ability to stand and walk without pain. Using the AlterG's precise partial weight bearing in rehab can help make standing activities more comfortable for these patients, while protecting healing tissue. Earlier incorporation of closed-chain activities allow patients to restore strength and proprioception more quickly, enabling return to a normal gait and running pattern sooner.


The knee is particularly vulnerable to both acute injury and arthritis because of its load-bearing role and functional requirements. Use of the AlterG can decrease impact at the knee joint, reduce pain and restore gait mechanics for a variety of knee conditions. The AlterG's progressive loading helps speed recovery for knee injuries and return users to the activities they love.


Important in absorbing impact and propelling the body forward in walking and running, the lower leg has to deal with a lot of stresses making it susceptible to overuse injuries. Decreased ground impact forces make the AlterG both a great recovery modality and a fantastic training tool. By allowing increased walking/running volume without the same stresses to the musculoskeletal system, the AlterG will allow you to gain all the benefits of exercise, without all of the pain.


One of the largest and strongest joints in the body and a key component in balance, problems at the hip can significantly impact static and dynamic stability and posture. By using AlterG's unique progressive loading technology, pain can be reduced and strength improved, so the hip can play its primary role of supporting the body's weight and providing a stable foundation for movement.


Injuries to some of the largest bones and muscles in the body, like the femur, quads, and hamstrings, can significantly impact function and quality of life. The AlterG can help restore motion, strength, and confidence for these users, allowing them to spend less time thinking about their injury and more time focusing on the things they want to do.


AlterG's unweighting technology provides a wonderful motivational tool for users by giving them the feeling of what it would be to achieve their target body weight. With less stress to their lower body, these users encounter less pain, enabling greater success with their weight programs. Defy gravity with the AlterG and take your health and your body to new levels.


AlterG's comfortable unweighting technology through air pressure allows for safe and precise progression of conditioning and endurance programs. With the benefit of body weight support, deconditioned patients can start walking at easier levels immediately, enabling them to start their journey to a healthier tomorrow.


Low back pain is one of the most common symptoms experienced and almost everyone at some point will have it interfere with work or play. One of the major contributors to this problem is the sedentary nature of most jobs and careers in our age of technology. The ability to decrease ground impact forces with walking and running in the AlterG can help encourage activity while minimizing stress to the spine. The result is a healthier, stronger back and happier, pain-free living.


The ability to tap into the plasticity of the brain and encourage motor learning is the key to any neurological rehabilitation program. The AlterG's unique unweighting technology takes Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training to new levels. Enabling neurological patients to work longer and more comfortably, the result of neurological rehabilitation with the AlterG is greater progress when practicing skills needed for standing and walking.

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