March Madness is Over – Here’s 3 Common Basketball Injuries (and How to Avoid Them)

Basketball Player at the Doctors

This year’s NCAA Basketball Championships are over, and what a tournament it was. At the end of all the March Madness, it was the Villanova Wildcats that prevailed for men’s basketball and Notre Dame for women’s basketball—each team winning their second title. Read More »

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How Running at Altitude Affects Conditioning

trail running man on mountain path exercising

Completing a marathon is an amazing feat. For many, it’s the challenge of a lifetime. And training for a marathon is difficult enough. Now imagine running those 26.2 miles at altitude. Each year, scores of athletes do just that, taking to some of the world’s highest, driest locales for the ultimate running challenge. There’s the Madeira Island Ultra Trail, a non-stop, grueling marathon that few have the wherewithal to actually complete. Then there’s the Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon, the highest marathon in the world.

It takes a seasoned, well-trained athlete to take on such immense physical feats—running at altitude can have a dramatic effect on the human body. Read More »

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How Unweighting Can Help Treat Knee Osteoarthritis

Female runner knee injury and pain.

The ways we develop osteoarthritis of the knee are many. There’s the sports we play, the jobs we hold. For most of us, though, knee osteoarthritis develops as we age.

Who knew that knee cartilage had an expiration date?

Osteoarthritis is typically characterized by chronic pain, swelling, and stiffness. And it can limit our range of motion and ability to do even the most simple daily tasks. So, no matter the cause, the way we treat knee osteoarthritis can be the difference between a manageable condition and a painful one that inhibits our way of life. Read More »

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A Femur Fracture Rehab Case Study

Digital composite of Highlighted injured femur bones of runner

If it sounds terrible, that’s because it is: according to the American Physical Therapy Association, a femur fracture is the “break, crack, or crush injury of the thigh bone.” Recovery time for this painful injury can range from anywhere to four to six months.

Though there are many causes for femur fracture, including contact sports and high-impact exercise, this kind of injury can also result from pre-existing conditions such as osteoporosis, bone cysts, or even tumors.

Regardless of the cause or severity, most patients require some form of physical therapy to improve motion, strength, and expedite their return to physical activity. Read More »

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5 Easy Lumbar Core Strengthening Exercises You Should Know

Determined fit woman exercising forearm plank on a fitness mat during workout at the gym

Chronic lower back pain is a common reason for starting a physical therapy program. It has a variety of causes. And we do know that core stability is at the center of spinal health. That’s why we are constantly exploring new ways to strengthen the core. Not only can these stability exercises be used in a preventative manner, but they can also help patients recover from a variety of conditions, from athletic injuries to total hip arthroplasty. Read More »

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Training Seniors Using Unweighting

Active, fit senior couple enjoy a job on the beach on a sunny day

There’s a harsh reality that we all face as human beings: the older we get, the less capable we are of doing the things we used to do with ease. A walk up the hill can leave us winded, it takes us longer to recover, and exercise brings with it an increased risk of injury.

Gone are the days when mobility and stability were taken for granted.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Many of these challenges have less to do with old age and more to do with the physical inactivity that often accompanies old age. Exercise, though, can be one of the keys to healthy living for seniors. That’s because a regular exercise regimen can lead to improvements in cardiovascular health and blood pressure, bone strength and weight control. Other benefits include improved sleep cycles, better mental health, and better balance overall.

Still, many senior citizens find the prospect of regular exercise daunting. For this, we call on our good friend unweighting. Read on to learn how unweighting technology can help bridge the gap between seniors and regular exercise. Read More »

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Achilles Rupture Rehab — A Closer Look

Brown-haired therapist stretching the foot of a patient in a room

If there’s anything we can all agree on, it’s that being injured or sick is the worst. It leaves us feeling uncomfortable, uncertain about the future, and—if you’re anything like me—the idle time is enough to drive you up the wall. So how do we cope?

We look for other people going through the same thing.

Sure, authoritative clinical content helps educate us about these injuries and ailments; but little of this content communicates the experiences real patients have during the recovery and rehabilitation phases of their injuries.

Read More »

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A Path to Rehabilitation for Stroke Survivors


Happy senior man with a walking disability enjoying a walk in an autumn park pushing his walker.After a stroke event, survivors face a long road to rehabilitation. A variety of impairments can result, including paralysis, weakness, and complications that result from the loss of functional abilities. Fortunately, there are options when it comes to stroke rehab, and a good PT program is crucial to helping survivors regain the balance, mobility, and skills that they might have lost. Read More »

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Have a Fibula Stress Fracture? Take a Load Off!

Knee pain bike injury. Woman with pain in knee joints after biking on bicycle. Girl sitting down with painful face expression. Mixed race sport fitness model outdoors.

It can start as tolerable pain that only comes after physical activity. Over time, the pain increases, invades your exercise routine, and may even reach a point where walking is painful, the injury site sore to touch.

Ahhh, the fibula stress fracture—that creeping stress injury that runners especially know and “love.” Read More »

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How Your Lifestyle Can Help Prevent and Defeat Cancer

Man with a drinking problem sitting alone drinking from a bottle of liquor and smoking a joint or cigarette at a rustic table in a park

The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2017, over 400,000 people will have died from the four major cancer types (lung, breast, colon/rectum, prostate) in the United States alone.  It’s a sobering statistic, to say the least, enough to give any person pause—no matter their walk of life.

Whether you’ve had personal or indirect experience with this wretched and challenging disease, you likely share a sentiment common to most people: cancer is a terrible trial to be avoided at all costs. So, what can are some simple things we do on a daily basis to help prevent cancer? And in the unfortunate cases where cancer does enter our lives, what can we do to help beat the disease and move on with our lives?

Read More »

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