The Gift of Running

[We would like to introduce Paty.  Paty is a stroke victim who visits the AlterG office frequently to use the Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ as a training tool to run again on her own.  She has been kind enough to share her story with us and will continue to update us on her progress throughout her goal advancements.] Continue reading “The Gift of Running”

Glute Strengthening and ITB Syndrome

Many distance runners at all level are familiar with Iliotibial Band (or ITB) Syndrome.  Whether they’ve suffered from it themselves or they know someone who has, the soreness along the sides of the thighs and the sharp knee pain is something they would rather soon forget.  What many people may not know is how having a proper glute strengthening program can help alleviate and prevent ITB syndrome. Continue reading “Glute Strengthening and ITB Syndrome”

Weight Loss Wednesdays: Week 2

I am 14 days in and I have lost another 2 lbs, totaling 4 lbs.  I was able to run on the AlterG as much as I hoped for which was 3x week.  I had a 5K last Saturday so Dr Riggs advised me to run faster and not as long so I could achieve a PR (personal record) at my 5K. Continue reading “Weight Loss Wednesdays: Week 2”

Weight Loss Wednesdays: Week 1

I am 7 days in and I have lost 2 lbs. Not as much as I would have liked to see but it is definitely a start. Due to my busy work schedule I was unable to run on the AlterG as much I would have liked, but I will make a larger effort in the coming weeks. My goal is to run on the AlterG 3x a week for at least 30 mins at a time. Continue reading “Weight Loss Wednesdays: Week 1”