The Gift of Running | Week 2

Ever since I started walking, post-hemorrhage, the goal has been to relearn how to run on my own.  At the beginning of each year, I sit down and work out a set of realistic goals for recovery in that year.  Every year, at the top of my goal list is the following goal:

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Practice Makes Perfect: Q & A with Current AlterG Users

On Monday, I had the opportunity to meet with Darwin Fogt, MPT and President of Evolution Physical Therapy. We got to chat a little about how he is using the AlterG in his practice. He has a beautiful facility in a penthouse suite across from the Los Angeles Clippers practice facility. You can read more about him at his website @ The following are some excerpts from our conversation: Continue reading “Practice Makes Perfect: Q & A with Current AlterG Users”

Run Training on the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

At Spring Valley Chiropractic, the majority of our patients are athletes, usually runners, cyclist or triathletes (or all three).  I recently began working with a patient that was having difficulty running without pain.  After my initial examination and ruling out a stress fracture, my first course of action was to place my patient on the AlterG so that he could resume running pain free. Continue reading “Run Training on the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill”

Deb’s Wow Story!

Deb is a 54 year old woman who, at age 16, developed osteogenic sarcoma in her left femur. She just recently got fitted for a C-Leg and has been learning how to walk 2-legged again. She saw the brochure for the Alter G while in a waiting room and had to try it. Continue reading “Deb’s Wow Story!”

Women Who Run | Part 2

Last week I told you how I became a runner. Six months into it, running was no longer solely about fitness and weight loss. Running had become something important I shared with friends. When I became injured, I felt like a big part of my world was taken from me. Continue reading “Women Who Run | Part 2”

Is Barefoot Running For Everyone?

One of the hot topics with runners, podiatrists, and sports physical therapists now is the trend of barefoot running. With more shoemakers jumping on the minimalist bandwagon after seeing the success of others, the question that needs to be posed is whether or not barefoot running is appropriate for everyone? Continue reading “Is Barefoot Running For Everyone?”

Women Who Run

There are a lot of women running groups out there that have prompted us to start an going post called  – “Women Who Run.”  We are calling out to all women to share their stories of their team, their best running friends and family to relate and reflect with us to continue on with this great category.  Kim is going to kick off with the first posting. Continue reading “Women Who Run”

Weightloss Wednesdays: Week 5

I am 28 days in and I lost 1 lb. That is a total of 5 lbs loss. As you can see I have been working out a lot so I have a feeling that I am gaining muscle because I feel as if that number should be higher. I am getting my body fat measured finally Friday.

I started experiencing quad pain that was progressively worse on Sunday. I could not even walk without limping.  I saw Dr Riggs on Monday and in his professional opinion he thinks it may be in my hip and referring to my quad. He referred me to Ortho and to get an MRI. I will post results as soon as I get more information. Dr Riggs also told me that I need to take a break from running and only run on the AlterG at a percentage that is tolerable.

If any of you been able to try the AlterG since my lost post? If you have please let me know what you thought about the experience.

Here is my daily exercise log:

4/21/10 – ran on the AlterG for 15 minutes at 70% body weight at a speed of 7mph, Crossfit, Camp Gladiator

4/22/10 – Easy run 30 minutes with sprint intervals

4/23/10 – ran on the AlterG for 30 minutes at 75% body weight at a speed of 7mph, Crossfit

4/24/10 – 1 Hour of Yoga

4/25/10 – Tried to run, my leg was extremely painful lasted 5 minutes

4/26/10 – ran on the AlterG for 17 minutes at 70% body weight and a speed of 7mph; my quads were a bit painful, Crossfit

4/27/10 – Crossfit

Made it this far and more to come with upcoming posts!  Please feel free to comment below and share any tips or feedback you have.

Introducing: Jacon Chun – Clinical Specialist

We are very pleased to announce that Jacon Chun has recently joined the AlterG team in the role of Clinical Specialist.

[Jacon will be blogging regularly for us regarding medical issues, injury prevention strategies, training recommendations, and any other pertinent clinical topics. Feel free to contact us with suggestions and follow us for updates on his blogs.  Here is his first blog] Continue reading “Introducing: Jacon Chun – Clinical Specialist”