The Gift of Running | Week 3

This was a tough week.  I tried to move to 55% body weight, but I wasn’t ready.  In my usual fashion, I want to push it along to lower weights faster, but I have to remember to be patient and allow my body the time it needs to acclimate to the higher weights. Continue reading “The Gift of Running | Week 3”

Fall Marathon Training Kicks Off in the Heat. A Few Thoughts on Hydration

This week marked the beginning of Fall Marathon Training, my second attempt at a marathon. This time around, I’m taking a more conservative approach, hoping to make it to marathon day injury-free. As I ran along the trail in the early mornings, grumbling because it was humid and already 70 degrees, I thought about how my approach to hydration has changed since last summer. Continue reading “Fall Marathon Training Kicks Off in the Heat. A Few Thoughts on Hydration”

Makin’ It Happen

A local elite runner in Wisconsin named Jenny Crain was hit by a car over 2 years ago and is slowly re-learning every day to day activities.  Recently she was able to start using the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ at Salus Inc. in Delafield, WI .  She was a high-profile runner and we have listed a few links that talk about her journey using the AlterG and road to recovery. Continue reading “Makin’ It Happen”

Do You Get The Same Workout On The AlterG?

This is a question that we are often posed here at AlterG.

People understand the benefits that the AlterG provides as far as unloading the lower extremity to provide relief after injuries or after surgery. They get that the unweighting can help people train with less impact and stress to their bodies, thus decreasing the likelihood of stress fractures and joint related injuries. But what they want to know, is are they going to get the same workout? Can they burn the same number of calories? Will it provide the same cardiovascular conditioning that overground training can? Continue reading “Do You Get The Same Workout On The AlterG?”

Me On The AlterG

Since becoming a part of Spring Valley Chiropractic in February, I have had the privilege of the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ at my disposal.  Between then and now I had been training for a half marathon that I completed in April.  My time for the Big D Half Marathon was 2:42:08 averaging about 12:30/mile.  Not bad for my first endurance event.  Lately I have been doing my entire running on the AlterG playing around with factors such as body percentage, speed, and inline.  Here are two examples of workouts that I have done: Continue reading “Me On The AlterG”