What is Overuse Syndrome?

Overuse syndrome is a disorder where a certain part of the body is damaged by repeatedly overusing it or subjecting it to too much stress.

The strain that causes overuse syndrome occurs when a body part is called on to work harder, stretch farther, impact more directly, or otherwise function at a greater level then it is capable of handling. The affecting impact may be insignificant, but when it occurs repeatedly the constant straining can cause damage. Continue reading “What is Overuse Syndrome?”

The What, Why and How of Overspeed Training

What is Overspeed Training?

Overspeed training is an effective method to recruit new muscle tissue to enhance performance when an athlete accelerates their body, or parts of their body, at speeds greater than regular competitive speeds. An overspeed training session typically has the athlete performing at a rate of 8% to 13% faster than the athlete’s fastest speed. As the athlete is training at the higher speed new muscle motor units are engage within the same muscle tissue, building and developing speed and agility.  Continue reading “The What, Why and How of Overspeed Training”