Physical Therapy Exercises: Why Your Patients Quit

All physical therapists have had them: patients who—despite your best efforts—miss a few sessions, don’t listen to your recommendations, or stop showing up altogether.

Though physical therapy exercises are crucial for some patients’ recovery, they can be arduous to finish, for more than one reason.

Steven Marano, PT, DPT, OCS, Facility Manager at Midwest Orthopedics in the Chicago-based Rush University Medical Center, estimates that most physicians will provide a four to six week prescription for PT; for post-operative patients, the length of time can be increased between 12-16 weeks.  Most of his non-surgical patients will complete 75% of their prescribed time. Continue reading “Physical Therapy Exercises: Why Your Patients Quit”

4 Excellent Physical Therapy Patients You Probably Haven’t Considered

Physical therapy is about more than recovering from a torn ligament or sprain. It’s about restoring movement and strengthening people who are struggling with mobility and independence.

Aside from injured athletes, stroke survivors, and people recovering from surgery, here are 4 excellent physical therapy patients you probably haven’t considered who may benefit from services that restore mobility and decrease pain through partial weight-bearing exercise. Continue reading “4 Excellent Physical Therapy Patients You Probably Haven’t Considered”