Movement Is Medicine for Patients Suffering From Osteoarthritis

Is it possible for those with osteoarthritis (OA) to avoid or delay hip and knee replacement surgery through physical therapy and exercise? Studies show that minimizing OA pain and getting people moving improve function and may delay the need for surgery. With the help of technology, physical therapists can encourage movement by decreasing or eliminating pain for these OA patients.

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Bonnie Iglesias’s Story: Today I Ran

Twenty years ago, I was a mom of two young daughters, an avid runner working for one of the biggest footwear companies in the world, and fighting weird changes in my body that I couldn’t understand. After months of testing, they finally told me the words I feared, “You have MS.”

Multiple Sclerosis is a weird disease that affects everyone differently. For me, I have had times where I couldn’t see, couldn’t walk or pick things up. I’m affected by heat and I forget things. But one of the worst things that I couldn’t do was run. Continue reading “Bonnie Iglesias’s Story: Today I Ran”