How Exercise Can Benefit Migraine Sufferers

According to the Migraine Research Foundation—one of the most well known organizations devoted to raising money for migraine research and educating the public about migraines—over 38 million Americans have suffered, at some time, from migraines.

Contrary to popular belief, a migraine is not just a bad headache; instead, it is a neurological disease that is chronic, often debilitating, but treatable. Continue reading “How Exercise Can Benefit Migraine Sufferers”

Benefits of Video Recording Gait Physical Therapy Sessions

Physical therapy technology and techniques have come a long way in recent years, and the tools available to therapists to optimize rehabilitation outcomes for those with injuries or conditions that affect gait are improving every day. As advancements in technology continue to evolve and as physical therapists have better tools at their fingertips, many patients are recovering faster than ever before, with better outcomes, and are better armed to avoid future injuries. Continue reading “Benefits of Video Recording Gait Physical Therapy Sessions”

The Importance of Gait Analysis


The equipment and methodology used for gait analysis has progressed substantially in recent years. The advances in how a person’s gait is evaluated, and the tools used to correct and restore normal gait, allow those who have suffered an injury affecting their ability to walk or run to be diagnosed more efficiently and accurately. Once diagnosed, a treatment plan for gait problems is created—usually by an experienced clinician—and is specifically designed to focus on the affected limbs with the goal of returning the patient to his or her highest level of functioning in the shortest amount of time. Continue reading “The Importance of Gait Analysis”