Taking the Fear Out of Physical Therapy

It is not uncommon to see apprehension—even fear—among patients in a physical therapy clinic. They have siblings, cousins, and friends who went through a challenging rehabilitation; or they are intimidated by all the unknowns that lie before them on the road to recovery. Continue reading “Taking the Fear Out of Physical Therapy”

Promoting a Culture of Health and Wellness in your PT Clinic

Wellness is a term we see used a lot, be it the physical therapy world or society at large. What does it mean? Is it a healthy diet? A regular exercise regimen? Maybe it’s about monitoring your mental and emotional health. We like to think of wellness as a positive state of being comprised of all of the aforementioned elements (and perhaps a couple more). Injury prevention, sleep habits—the list goes on. Continue reading “Promoting a Culture of Health and Wellness in your PT Clinic”