Defy Gravity with the All-New Via Anti-Gravity Treadmill™

Sprained ankles, cranky knees—surgery, training, rehab—the list seems to go on and on. Thank goodness for physical therapists! Because no matter if the patient is an athlete, senior citizen, or suffering from a chronic condition, the goal is always the same:

Get back to good as fast as possible.

And we understand that helping clients get better requires a commitment to finding new and innovative ways to rehab. That’s why we put thousands of clinical hours and countless client interviews into our latest gravity-defying physical therapy solution: the Via Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ from AlterG®.


Thanks to NASA-developed Differential Air Pressure (DAP)—yes, that NASA, the one launching good, blue-blooded Americans into the cosmos—the new Via takes precision unweighting to a new level. How? By precisely measuring gravitational load and providing simplified visual feedback on gait symmetry and pain levels. With Via, physical therapists can unweight patients from 100% body weight to as little as 20%, in increments as small as 1%.

  • New integrated gait analytics, pain reporting, and video monitoring make it easy to see the direct effects of unweighting
  • Exportable reports help clinicians improve clinical and operational efficiency
  • Uniform lifting force supports normal gait and balance, without impeding natural mechanics as with hydrotherapy or harnesses
  • Full range of motion and balanced, natural movement


Still, informed clinical decisions start with reliable data. The Via is equipped with an all-new touchscreen cockpit featuring integrated Stride Smart gait analytics and live video monitoring. The idea here is simplified visual feedback that informs therapy and allows patients and clinicians to work on improvements in real time. Features include:

  • Weight Bearing Symmetry
  • Stance Time Symmetry
  • Cadence
  • Pain Recording
  • The AlterG Assistant


So what does this all mean to you? Versatility. Thanks to a broad, user-friendly feature set, the Via Anti-Gravity Treadmill is capable of a wide variety of practical applications. An investment in this tool is an investment in your entire patient base.

When it comes to chronic conditions, for example, the Via enables safe, incremental training programs for deconditioned, obese, or otherwise impaired patients. Athletes love it because they’re able to safely train while injured, or post-surgery, all while minimizing injury risk. And for patients with neurological challenges, the Via provides a fall-safe environment for balance, control, and strength training.


It’s versatile. It’s effective. And if you don’t mind us saying so, it’s known to turn a head or two. But there’s a reason the country’s top athletes turn to AlterG products—these machines deliver results. The all-new Via® Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a testament to that hard-earned reputation.

Three cheers for optimized rehab!

To learn more about the Via Anti-Gravity Treadmill, or to schedule a demo in your area, call 510.270.5900, or go to Our team of dedicated professionals will be happy to give you all the information you need.