5 Common Injuries to Avoid this Holiday Season

Holiday season is upon us, that time of year when things get super busy—at least they will be here at AlterG. Office parties, white elephant celebrations…super fun AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ dance contests.

Okay maybe not that crazy.

This year, we’re all about keeping the festivities safe and injury-free. Why? Because none of us can forget the time our fellow employee—who shall remain NAMELESS—took a stumble while trying to bring a Christmas tree up to the second floor of their home.


Fact is, no one wants to spend the holiday season nursing some new bump, bruise, or tear. Unfortunately, holiday injuries are all too common. So here are is our list of five common ailments to look out for this upcoming holiday season.

Index Finger Ligament Sprain

That’s a fancy way of saying a bum digit, commonly caused by a forceful stretch or blow (you know, like constantly pointing to reprimand your mischievous nephew, or struggling to get the neighbor’s dog away from the jello mold).

Hand Lacerations

We’re not kidding—according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, hand injuries are one of the most common holiday injuries out there. So please, PLEASE remember to tuck the thumb and cut away from the body when serving up hams, roasts, and turkey!

Low Back Strains

Think of all the bending and reaching you’ll do over the holidays, including pulling food out of the oven, placing presents under the tree, and lifting your sister’s luggage into the car (because she always overpacks). Avoid an untimely spasm by lifting from the knees!

Dislocated Shoulders, Broken Wrists

You did your shopping way ahead of time and saved loads of money. Bravo! Your signature Christmas dessert is shaping up to be a big hit. Score! And then—BOOM—a dark patch of ice sneaks up on you and sends you hurtling uncontrollably to the ground. Like any cold-blooded icewalker, you break your fall (literally) by sticking your arm straight out. Now that pie will have to cut itself.

Falling While Stringing Up Christmas Lights

Rule number one: save the egg nog for after you finish putting up the lights. Oh, and make sure to check your ladder. Why? Because injuries resulting from falls are right behind hand lacerations for the most common holiday injuries.

Be Safe Out There

These are five of the most common injuries we see during the holiday season. We didn’t even mention all that can happen when you head out to the slopes for skiing or snowboarding. The good news is that preventing these injuries only requires a little presence of mind and precaution (not always easy with the family in town, we know). So check your ladder, wear gloves and grippy shoes, and salt the walkways this coming winter season.

Oh, and make sure there is plenty—PLENTY—of wine on hand for when the in-laws arrive.