Making it Happen | First Race Back in Cudahy


A few weeks ago, Briana from Salus, Inc in Delafield, WI shared a very special story with us about an elite runner named Jenny Crain.  Briana was fortunate enough to join Jenny on her 1st race back from her accident a year ago. Here are her notes from the race and details on Jenny’s success thus far.

“Michael and I were elated to join Jenny Crain in her first race back on her road to recovery today in Cudahy.  Jenny is a local elite runner who was hit by a car on a training run in 2007.  She was a phenomenal athlete and a personality cherished by the running community.  See the story below:



Broadcast coverage:

We donned “Team Make It Happen” shirts with Jenny’s picture on the back and had a blast!

We ended up really booking it along the course (I believe Jenny would have it no other way) and it was an amazing experience…nearly every runner talked to Jenny as they passed, telling her good job and supporting her efforts.  I believe Jenny knew almost every runner in that race!  She too was calling out names and encouraging runners as they passed.  Jenny continues to amaze me.”

If you do not know Jenny’s story well I encourage you to read more about her on her website:
OR read a recent article in Runner’s World at:,7124,s6-243-297–13329-0,00.html

Jenny is truly an inspiration.  As she continues her recovery, support from friends and the community will continue to be needed.  If you are able to support Jenny with uplifting words on her site or a donation I know it will be greatly appreciated.  What Michael and I have found is that sometimes through a tragic event amazing things transpire.  Jenny is changing lives everyday…I can personally attest to it!

As Jenny would say, “Make It Happen”!!!

Please feel free to comment below if you have a story similar to Jenny’s or would like to wish her congrat’s on her 1st race back!