Run Training on the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

At Spring Valley Chiropractic, the majority of our patients are athletes, usually runners, cyclist or triathletes (or all three).  I recently began working with a patient that was having difficulty running without pain.  After my initial examination and ruling out a stress fracture, my first course of action was to place my patient on the AlterG so that he could resume running pain free.

This patient is 55 years old, and before coming to SVC was unable to run for more than a month.  Any runner can agree how important base running is and he was in the base building phase of his training program. It was imperative that his mileage resume quickly.   After his first training session, 2.5 miles on the AlterG, he was hooked.  The un-weighting technology allowed him to run pain free and he completed the 2.5 miles in 30 minutes, something that he had never done before.  Without even knowing it, he had experienced speed training on the AlterG.

After he cooled down, he immediately scheduled himself for 10 hours of AlterG running for both rehab and training.  Needless to say, this patient was very impressed with the pace that he could set for himself and the ease at which he could continue to run.  Most importantly, he was pain free and was gaining fitness while causing no further damage to his injury.  My patient’s marathon is coming up and we expect him to finish.  This is one of many success stories at Spring Valley Chiropractic thanks to the AlterG.

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-Andrew Goodman, DC