Running Barefoot?

There are many articles out there that state running barefoot is better for us than running the traditional way – with shoes on.  We wanted to look into this topic some more as there as numerous blog posts, videos and data of beneficial barefoot running stories.

Living Barefoot is a great site that dives down into the mechanics of why it makes sense to walk/run barefoot. They also have a variety of photo’s, podcasts, barefoot shoes to buy as well as a few laws that apply to barefoot citizens.

As we started the research on barefoot runners we came across this video by Christopher McDougall that covers a brief understanding of why he validated the shift from shoes.

With even more research we found that there are many marathons that have barefoot runners! Who knew! Here are a few links that we have collected that are specific to barefoot running:

Barefoot Running ?

Boston Marathon & Beyond: Running is ready for a barefoot revolution

Barefoot Runners to Run in Marathon

But Is It Faster?

We would love to hear some more stories or feedback on this unique way of running.  Please comment below if you have a barefoot running experience!