Testimonial from Marc Boff | Director of Sports Medicine | NBC’s The Biggest Loser

Marc Boff, Director of Sports Medicine for NBC’s The Biggest Loser, instructs contestant during calibration.

Marc Boff, Director of Sports Medicine for NBC’s The Biggest Loser, uses the AlterG Anti-­Gravity Treadmill™ to help contestants train through injuries and achieve their weight loss goals.

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“We are extremely fortunate to have the AlterG Anti-­Gravity Treadmill in our Sports Medicine department on set at The Biggest Loser. With its precise ability to control and manipulate weight-­bearing forces, it has become one of the most utilized modalities for not only its therapeutic benefits but also for its continued weight loss results.

Participants in The Biggest Loser sustain multiple injuries each season, and the AlterG has been critical in shortening rehabilitation times. The AlterG allows our cast to continue their weight loss journey by reducing the wear and tear of the forces sustained by the system during long duration training. One cast member in particular sustained several orthopedic injuries early in the season, including a back, hip and knee issue. The ability of the AlterG to unweight her, and for us to precisely adjust the impact on her body, allowed us to not only manage her injuries, but also to progress her rehabilitation and training programs. This progress enabled her to continue to participate in the competition day in and day out.

The AlterG Anti-­Gravity Treadmill was also extremely beneficial as a weight loss tool not only for our injured athletes but also for the healthy athletes. The challenge for our cast is always the reintroduction of the impact forces associated with jogging and running. The AlterG facilitated a faster adjustment to these forces than pool running, and it offered a safe and effective way to train with less stress on the body. In fact, two of our injury free contestants chose to continue running on the AlterG as part of their daily workout regime through the majority of the season.

The AlterG Anti-­Gravity Treadmill proved to be one of the most efficacious tools for allowing our athletes to compete at the highest level throughout the course and the demands of our season.”

Dr. Marc H Boff DPT, L/ATC, CES, PES

MHB Fitness Director of Sports Medicine, NBC’s The Biggest Loser 16

*This statement reflects the personal opinion and views of Marc Boff, not those of ‘The Biggest Loser,’ NBC or BL4 Productions, Inc.