3 Winter Workouts You Can Do At Home

Like most dark and dreary winter days, at-home workouts tend to be boring and uninspired. We thought we’d put together a list of three fun exercise activities that will stimulate both your mind and matter, all while keeping those pesky winter blues at bay.

Here’s our list of three home workouts for winter, including some ideas on how to make the most of whichever you choose.

Jump Rope like a Boxer

In the world of boxing and mixed martial arts, jumping rope is a staple. It’s perfect as a warm up, or as a workout in and of itself. Benefits include improvements in endurance, coordination, agility, and foot speed. Think jumping rope is boring? See if you can make it through twenty minutes, nonstop, while incorporating the following moves:

  • Side swing
  • Criss cross
  • Single-foot hop
  • Alternating feet
  • Scissors
  • Scissor lunges
  • Heal to toe
  • Toe to toe
  • Double unders
  • High knees

As your rope jumping advances, you can try using a weighted rope, or speed rope, to increase the challenge.

Stream it to Your Living Room

When it comes to at-home winter workouts, video search engines like YouTube are a goldmine. Why? Two reasons: it’s free, and the variety is endless. Here are a few search terms to throw into YouTube that will give you a great start at finding what works for you:

  • Dance workout
  • Yoga routine
  • Tai chi routine
  • HIIT routines
  • Core strength routine
  • Kickboxing routine

For each of these search terms, you’ll find plenty of high quality workouts you can do at home.

Use What You Were Born With

Body weight exercises require just one thing: you. And like jumping rope, there is no end to the variety of body weight exercises you can build into your routine. To begin, try putting together a circuit routine with 3-5 of the following body weight exercises.

  • Push-ups (use proper form!)
  • Pike hold
  • Ankle touch push ups
  • Forward and side planks
  • Standard squats
  • Prisoner squats
  • Burpees

Those should get you percolating (that last one is tough!). Here is an excellent, illustrated guide of more than 40 bodyweight exercises.

Tips for Your Winter Workout

No matter which winter workout you choose, here are a few recommendations to help your home workout be more successful:

  • Clear a dedicated space for the workout
  • Limit distractions so you can focus
  • Keep it short and engaging, thirty minutes to an hour tops
  • Spice it up with some music (deep house, anyone?)
  • Invite a workout partner to join you

And finally, don’t look out the window! Because yes, it is still cold and, yes, it still the middle of winter.

If You Are Up For Leaving the House …

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