Weight Loss Wednesdays: Week 2

I am 14 days in and I have lost another 2 lbs, totaling 4 lbs.  I was able to run on the AlterG as much as I hoped for which was 3x week.  I had a 5K last Saturday so Dr Riggs advised me to run faster and not as long so I could achieve a PR (personal record) at my 5K.

I have been visiting with Dr Riggs 3X a week and noticing my quad pain and tightness becoming extremely better. I will again let him post what he thought and his recommendations and my progress thus far.

[I’m very pleased with the progress Jennifer Lucas has made so far! The AlterG is allowing her to more comfortably increase her stride-length and as a result her hamstrings are becoming more activated during her training. The sensation she was experiencing was a direct result of that, so we treated her proximal hamstring attachments and she is already much improved. Keep up the good work Jenn!-Dr Brian Riggs] – DrBrianRiggs@gmail.com

Here is my daily exercise log:

4/7/10 – Ran on the AlterG for 30 minutes at 70% body weight at 8.0mph, last 3 minutes I went up to 8.5 with a 3% incline

4/8/10 – 10 min endurance Crossfit workout. included 21 pull ups a 5 200 meter sprints.

4/09/10 – Ran on the AlterG, at 70% body weight I did 1 Mile at a 7:30 pace and 1 more Mile at 7:03 pace at 60% body weight – This was the work out Dr Riggs suggested to increase my speed.

4/10/10 – Make a 5k goal to break – 27:00

I ran it in 31:44, although it was a good time not close to what I wanted. It was not a good run for me as I was not there mentally. I had found out the day prior evening I had a  friend pass away. RIP Kyle Belzer

4/10/10 – Day Off

4/12/10 – Crossfit workout endurance workout, 10 minutes I did 6 cycles of 10 reps of “cleans” taking a 45lbs barbell from squat position to shoulder, 10 Knee to chest moves on the pull up bar and bear crawls

4/13/10 – Ran on the AlterG for 35 minutes at 70% at 7.5mph, Crossfit workout HELEN, 400M run, 21 kettlebell swings, 12 pullups 3X, I finished in 10:42

So far so good!  I am getting my body fat measured today so make sure you read next week post to check it out!   How are your workouts on the AlterG coming along?   If you have stories or experiences please feel free to comment below to let me know what you thought about the experience.  Until next week…