What Is On Your iPod?

Which tunes rev up your workout?

Everyone creates a ‘workout’ playlist these days.  From ACDC to Journey to Tool, I would guess if you cycle, run or have a a gym membership you probably have a dedicated playlist that helps push you through your cardio regime.

We recently came across this great article Crank It! which highlights a recent study by the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University found that cyclists would ride harder when they listened to music with a faster tempo. Objective ratings were recorded for watts, heart rate and cadence, as were subjective reports on the effort and the music.

Here are a few great links that list some popular music found on iPods at the gym:

Fitness Magazine – Top 100 Workout Songs

Portland Examiner – Effective workout playlist

Runner’s World – Music is Motivation, contains multiple lists.  Take your pick!

If you have a favorite playlist that motivates your workout, feel free to comment below to share your list!