Introducing: Jacon Chun – Clinical Specialist

We are very pleased to announce that Jacon Chun has recently joined the AlterG team in the role of Clinical Specialist.

[Jacon will be blogging regularly for us regarding medical issues, injury prevention strategies, training recommendations, and any other pertinent clinical topics. Feel free to contact us with suggestions and follow us for updates on his blogs.  Here is his first blog]

“I am thrilled to be helping AlterG with their clinical support. Through my personal experience with this product, I feel like they have hit upon the core of any good lower extremity rehabilitation program. And that is the goal of returning patients to closed-kinetic chain activity as soon as safely possible.”

Safe and rapid return to closed-kinetic chain activities has numerous benefits in rehabilitation:

1)    Multiple simultaneous joint movements and possibility for muscle co-contraction creates more functional movement patterns

2)    Compressive forces at joints help to improve joint stability

3)    Physiologic loading helps improve proprioception or kinesthetic feedback

One population that has obviously found tremendous benefit from the AlterG is runners. By being able to change loading to the lower extremity, athletes have been able to maintain training benefits while minimizing impact stresses. This has resulted in the ability to train through injuries for some and probably helped others avoid debilitating ones that may have taken them out of competition.

For more information regarding health for runners, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) will host a tweet chat on Twitter on Tuesday, May 4, 8 pm-9 pm ET, that will focus on foot health for runners. Topics will include wellness resources for runners, injury prevention recommendations, orthotics tips, training regimens, and the benefits of physical therapy.

You can follow via the association’s Twitter account at

– Jacon