Stuck in a Rut On Your Road to Weight Loss? Try Defying Gravity!

It’s no secret that America’s collective waistline has been expanding over the last few decades. What may surprise you, however, is just how many extra notches we have had to add to our national belt. According to the CDC, a staggering 70.7% of adults are overweight, with 37.9% falling within the “obese” category.

These startling statistics aren’t a simple matter of national vanity either. Indeed, we are on the edge of the precipice of a healthcare crisis, due to the rapidly increasing numbers of people suffering from obesity related conditions, such as Type II Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, and Hypertension.

At the same time, modern society is not exactly designed to promote healthy living habits. Long commutes, sedentary jobs, and readily available convenience foods all set the stage for an uphill battle for those attempting to lose weight and achieve better wellness. The good news is that it doesn’t take much weight loss to see some of the largest benefits. Studies have shown that even a modest, 5-10 percent reduction in weight can have a major impact on cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, insulin resistance, sleep apnea, and chronic inflammation, among other ailments.

Despite what the magazines and infomercials may claim, there is no “magic pill” or food or incantation that will shed those pounds for you. At the heart of things, weight loss comes down to a relatively simple formula: calories in < calories out. There are two variables available for manipulation here: diet and exercise. So which one should be the focus? Trick question! Both are integral to any successful and sustainable long-term health and wellness plan.

Now, here at AlterG, we are no nutrition experts, so we will leave that piece to the pros. What we do feel eminently qualified to evangelize about is exercise! We all know that, in order to get healthy, we have to get moving! At the same time, undertaking an exercise regimen can be uncomfortable and even unsafe for those suffering from obesity. Undue joint loading, insufficient muscular strength, and lack of conditioning all combine to greatly increase the risk of injury, sidelining and undermining even the most motivated weight loss devotee. How do we get around this seemingly insurmountable roadblock? Well, we fly right over it, with a little Anti-Gravity assistance!

That’s right, the Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ is not just for injury recovery, but also for injury prevention. In the case of overweight or obese patients, the Anti-Gravity Treadmill offers unweighting support that allows for safer, longer, more strenuous workouts, free from the pernicious clutches of injury. Our case study on the use of the AlterG in a walking program for weight loss demonstrates the power of defying gravity when it comes to shedding the pounds.

Perhaps an even more striking example of life-“altering” (sorry, I couldn’t resist) exercise involves the contestants of a television show that goes after EXTREME weight loss. You are likely familiar with this primetime spectacle of endurance and inspiration, and the sheer volume and intensity of exercise that its contestants must take on in the name of competition (and health, of course). What you may not know, however, is that the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a huge behind-the-scenes helping hand for these intrepid sweat warriors. Check out this testimonial from a trainer on the show, about how the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill helped one of her pupils unlock the door to a new life of health and wellness.



Weight loss success stories don’t have to be distant, Hollywood pipe-dreams to the rest of America, and we must take action if we are to take back our collective health and wellness.  Here at AlterG, we like to think of ourselves as the catalyst for what we hope will become a worldwide wellness revolution. That means that we set you up with the alley-oop, and it is up to you to make that slam dunk. Find an AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill near you, and take those first steps in your weight loss journey today. Let’s get this game started; the ball is in your court.