A Path to Rehabilitation for Stroke Survivors


After a stroke event, survivors face a long road to rehabilitation. A variety of impairments can result, including paralysis, weakness, and complications that result from the loss of functional abilities. Fortunately, there are options when it comes to stroke rehab, and a good PT program is crucial to helping survivors regain the balance, mobility, and skills that they might have lost.


During a stroke, brain cells die due to oxygen deprivation, resulting in a variety of conditions, impairments, and challenges. Of course, the length and intensity of stroke rehabilitation will depend on the severity of the stroke. Relearning certain abilities can require sustained effort.

  • Sensory and motor function
  • Cognitive ability
  • Perception
  • Language
  • Movement

Yes, the brain has been damaged. But the brain has the remarkable ability to be rewired to adapt, even after something as severe as a stroke.


There are many approaches to post-stroke therapy, a few of which are covered in detail in this article. And there’s a reason that physical therapy so often plays a key role during stroke rehabilitation: physical therapists are movement specialists—they understand the relationship between the brain and bodily movements. With the right PT protocol, stroke survivors can improve conditioning and movement activities in safe increments that limit the risk of stroke recurrence or injury.


The paths that stroke survivors take toward recovery are varied. Watch the video below and see how a 48-year-old stroke survivor benefitted from unloading during her physical therapy regimen.

“It’s like you’re walking on air.”

The various aspects of a stroke recovery program will vary from patient to patient, case to case. Still, physical activity is nearly always recommended as a key component of ongoing care. Why?

Because a steady and purposeful rehab program can help survivors reclaim quality of life.

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