Deb’s Wow Story!

Deb is a 54 year old woman who, at age 16, developed osteogenic sarcoma in her left femur. She just recently got fitted for a C-Leg and has been learning how to walk 2-legged again. She saw the brochure for the Alter G while in a waiting room and had to try it.

She was able to run for the first time in 39 years!

The orthotists from the Prosthetics Labs in Sioux Falls came for the initial visit to program her leg and since then she has gained strength and has been able to power walk and run 2-legged. Her goal is to gain enough strength and confidence to walk without a crutch or walking stick. She is currently running at 4.7 mph and is doing intervals from 2.0 mph up to 4.7mph!

She is absolutely thrilled with the Alter G and boasts about it to everyone she sees!

I think, this machine can open up a new world for amputees.  No more fear about weight bearing in their residual limb causing breakdown, as it actually helps build tolerance to weight bearing gradually. We’ve increased Deb’s weight bearing to 65% now and she has had no skin breakdown to date.

-Erin Flann, PT, Southwest Minnesota Therapy,Marshall MN

If you have any patients at your clinic that have a similar story to Deb’s, please feel free to comment or leave their experience below!