Physical Therapy Month 2017: Why You Should Love Your Physical Therapist

We love physical therapy here at AlterG, and that isn’t exactly a secret. We also have a particular soft spot for physical therapists and all that they do. We admire the difference PTs’ make in the world —helping people to recover, improve, strengthen, and excel.

There are so many reasons to love your physical therapist!


As our small contribution to National Physical Therapy Month 2017, here’s a few for you to consider:

They’re really good listeners. Let’s face it: few of us feel like Churchill’s speechwriter when we’re walking into the PT clinic, especially if we’re in pain. Physical therapists are trained to listen patiently—however grouchy and inarticulate we might be—gather information, and determine the correct course of treatment.

They keep things positive and upbeat. Rarely will you find your PT in down spirits or with low energy. Every patient, no matter their injury or ailment, is treated with optimal recovery in mind. A word to the wise: this kind of high energy and positivity is contagious!

They know what it takes to work out smart and get into better shape. Do you want to run a half marathon? Beat your best downhill race time? A physical therapist knows how to develop a smart, optimized workout plan that can help you achieve your goals.

They’re everywhere. And that’s a good thing! No matter where you live, there is sure to be a qualified physical therapist within relatively close reach, ready to work with you.

They love what they do. PTs are dedicated people who have spent a long time learning their profession. As a result, you’ll benefit from a professional experience and thorough, effective treatment.

They dress cool. Yeah. Because you can’t train in a corporate get-up, can you?

They have magic hands. That’s right! With this kind of in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy, PTs know how exactly how to loosen things up with a little manual therapy. Whether it’s joint mobilizations, soft-tissue work, stretching, PNF techniques, trigger point dry needling, cupping, or other techniques, PT’s know how to get you to feel better and move better.

While these are some very good reasons for loving physical therapy, the real reason we love them is because they help so many people around the world, every day. The least we can do is take a moment—or write a little blog post—to express our gratitude and spread the word about National Physical Therapy Month.

That, and being sure to do all our reps!