Recovery with the help of the AlterG

Here is a great letter from a patient who has gone through a myriad of knee surgeries and is now recovering with the help of the AlterG:

Hi Bruce,

I recently had an opportunity to try your AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ at Mountain View Physical Therapy. As you can see by the attached photo I have had 4 major knee surgeries on the same leg since 1970.  The total knee was replaced 7 years ago and the latest procedure was done 7 weeks ago.  That surgery included a manipulation as well as the removal of scar tissue which had completely encompassed the knee joint. The flexion prior to surgery was 70 degrees and we are now reaching 95 in therapy.

I have not been able to jog or run for more than 30 seconds in about 30 years. On the Alter G I was able to do 15 minutes of jogging without a problem. The next time I go in I will try to go longer and at a faster pace. I experienced no pain or swelling.  I had the unit set at 60%. I am looking forward to getting on the Alter G as much as possible.