Who is AlterG? A Poetic Departure

Happy (day after) World Poetry Day, everyone! Ok, so we’re a little fashionably late on this… But you can’t rush good art. So, please excuse our slight tardiness and enjoy this free-verse ode to all things Anti-Gravity Treadmill™. I wrote it just for you. 

Who is AlterG?

We strive to innovate; we try to be bold.

We are men, we are women; we’re young and we’re old.

We hope that our passion is easy to see,

But the world still seems to wonder, “Who is AlterG?”


Well, here at HQ, we are ground control.

You’re our Major Tom, our heart and our soul.

We’ll help you blast off, and leave pain behind.

You’ll soon discover rehab doesn’t have to be a grind.

You run, walk, and hop, with childlike glee!

But still, you stop to ponder, just “Who is AlterG?!”


Out in the field, our RAMs lead the way,

Helping Docs, PTs, and patients to seize, and win, the day.

Because “Carpe Diem” is not some hollow platitude,

And getting “back to better” is all about attitude.

Moonwalking makes optimism come so easily,

But then, who is Billie Jean?! “And who is AlterG?!”


Well, really, the message we hope to instill,

Is that we are a bit more than “just a treadmill.”

We set people in motion, teach them to fly.

But not even Orville and Wilbur got it right in one try.

No, it is only through persistence that triumph can be found.

And it takes real courage to commit to leaving the ground.

This spirit is the lifeblood that sustains AlterG.

Our customers are what make us more than “just a company.”

“Ok,” You admit, you are an gravity defying rockstar,

But still, we haven’t told you who we really are!


C’mon, you guys, do we have to spell it out?

That kind of negates the nuance that poetry’s all about…

So we’ll give you some hints, you fill in the rest.

It’s time to put your Sherlock-skills to the test.


We’re Olympians and elites, we push limits, then we heal.

We’re weekend warriors, doing our darndest, even without a shoe deal.

We’re grandmas and grandpas, and we don’t need any “breaks.”

Because “age” is just the number of candles that illuminate our cakes.

We’re not our ailments; we’re more than “survivors.”

We’re redefining rehab; we’re an army of “thrivers.”


Because, at the end of the day, if there’s one thing that’s true,

It’s that AlterG is all of us; AlterG is you.