Common New Year’s Resolutions and How to Make Them a Reality

It’s December. The New Year is fast approaching, and with it comes the typical, predictable, inevitable resolutions that we make the morning after the ball drops in Times Square.

This year, we say, things are going to change.

Most people who read that chuckle to themselves at least a little bit. I mean, come on: nobody actually keeps their New Year’s resolutions, right? They’re meant to be broken.

But we here at AlterG disagree.

This is the year.

So, in the spirit of a fresh new year soon to come and keeping our resolutions well into 2018 and beyond, here are four common resolutions and a few ways that AlterG can help you achieve them. Continue reading “Common New Year’s Resolutions and How to Make Them a Reality”

Stuck in a Rut On Your Road to Weight Loss? Try Defying Gravity!

It’s no secret that America’s collective waistline has been expanding over the last few decades. What may surprise you, however, is just how many extra notches we have had to add to our national belt. According to the CDC, a staggering 70.7% of adults are overweight, with 37.9% falling within the “obese” category.

These startling statistics aren’t a simple matter of national vanity either. Indeed, we are on the edge of the precipice of a healthcare crisis, due to the rapidly increasing numbers of people suffering from obesity related conditions, such as Type II Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, and Hypertension.
Continue reading “Stuck in a Rut On Your Road to Weight Loss? Try Defying Gravity!”

Kick Your Osteoarthritis Pain to the Curb with AlterG

Let’s do a quick thought experiment. I want you to consider the word “aging” and all that it connotes for you. Now close your eyes and craft a mental picture of “aging.” I’m betting that most of your imaginary paintings are not of the Bob Ross “happy little cloud” variety. It seems most of us regard aging as a slow, inevitable decline in our health and wellness, one that is futile to resist. In particular, chronic conditions of age, such as osteoarthritis, are painful reminders of the degeneration of our bodies in seemingly permanent ways. After all, we are (unfortunately) not starfish; we don’t have magical joint regeneration powers, and cartilage damage is irreversible. What are we to do then, in the face of this osteoarthritis monster lurking under our beds, just waiting for us to sprout that first grey hair? Continue reading “Kick Your Osteoarthritis Pain to the Curb with AlterG”

AlterG Announces 2015 Physical Therapist of the Month

Holy moly, it’s November 23rd! With the temperatures turning decidedly crisper than our soon-to-be botched Thanksgiving turkeys, it is time, yet again, for an update from your AlterG family. We are please to announce that we have (finally) completed the extremely difficult task of selecting a winner for our annual “PT of the Month” contest. After pouring through each and every riveting, impassioned narrative, we have decided that Louis “Key West Lou” Petrone and his PT, Jenny Shelley, of Body Owners Physical Therapy and Wellness Center are this year’s champions!

Body Owners is a therapist-owned outpatient physical therapy clinic, with a special focus on the rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries and chronic conditions. Their treatment philosophy is twofold; focusing first on proper assessment and following up with hands-on treatment. They start by identifying any physical dysfunctions that may be causing a patient’s symptoms, then attack those dysfunctions through a variety of therapeutic techniques, including neuromuscular reeducation, rehabilitative exercise, and biomechanical correction. Their number one goal is to get patients happy and healthy, and to keep them that way! Continue reading “AlterG Announces 2015 Physical Therapist of the Month”

Women Who Run | Part 2

Last week I told you how I became a runner. Six months into it, running was no longer solely about fitness and weight loss. Running had become something important I shared with friends. When I became injured, I felt like a big part of my world was taken from me. Continue reading “Women Who Run | Part 2”

Women Who Run

There are a lot of women running groups out there that have prompted us to start an going post called  – “Women Who Run.”  We are calling out to all women to share their stories of their team, their best running friends and family to relate and reflect with us to continue on with this great category.  Kim is going to kick off with the first posting. Continue reading “Women Who Run”

Weightloss Wednesdays: Week 5

I am 28 days in and I lost 1 lb. That is a total of 5 lbs loss. As you can see I have been working out a lot so I have a feeling that I am gaining muscle because I feel as if that number should be higher. I am getting my body fat measured finally Friday.

I started experiencing quad pain that was progressively worse on Sunday. I could not even walk without limping.  I saw Dr Riggs on Monday and in his professional opinion he thinks it may be in my hip and referring to my quad. He referred me to Ortho and to get an MRI. I will post results as soon as I get more information. Dr Riggs also told me that I need to take a break from running and only run on the AlterG at a percentage that is tolerable.

If any of you been able to try the AlterG since my lost post? If you have please let me know what you thought about the experience.

Here is my daily exercise log:

4/21/10 – ran on the AlterG for 15 minutes at 70% body weight at a speed of 7mph, Crossfit, Camp Gladiator

4/22/10 – Easy run 30 minutes with sprint intervals

4/23/10 – ran on the AlterG for 30 minutes at 75% body weight at a speed of 7mph, Crossfit

4/24/10 – 1 Hour of Yoga

4/25/10 – Tried to run, my leg was extremely painful lasted 5 minutes

4/26/10 – ran on the AlterG for 17 minutes at 70% body weight and a speed of 7mph; my quads were a bit painful, Crossfit

4/27/10 – Crossfit

Made it this far and more to come with upcoming posts!  Please feel free to comment below and share any tips or feedback you have.

Weight Loss Wednesdays: Week 2

I am 14 days in and I have lost another 2 lbs, totaling 4 lbs.  I was able to run on the AlterG as much as I hoped for which was 3x week.  I had a 5K last Saturday so Dr Riggs advised me to run faster and not as long so I could achieve a PR (personal record) at my 5K. Continue reading “Weight Loss Wednesdays: Week 2”

Weight Loss Wednesdays: Week 1

I am 7 days in and I have lost 2 lbs. Not as much as I would have liked to see but it is definitely a start. Due to my busy work schedule I was unable to run on the AlterG as much I would have liked, but I will make a larger effort in the coming weeks. My goal is to run on the AlterG 3x a week for at least 30 mins at a time. Continue reading “Weight Loss Wednesdays: Week 1”