3 Ways AlterG Technology is Changing Athletic Training and Rehab

Anti-Gravity Treadmill with Stride Smart

In our previous post on modern technology revolutionizing athletic training and rehab, we took a closer look at the innovations helping PTs and athletes push the boundaries.

On our end, it’s usually the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ or AlterG Bionic Leg™ that grabs headlines. However, there are the three AlterG technologies that take these tools to the next level. They enable physical therapists and patients to be more effective during training and rehabilitation.

1. Pre-Programmed Workouts

Each patient is different, and a PT clinic might see dozens of patients a day. This particularity calls for tailored therapy programs.

The question is, what tools do we have to deliver them?

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill includes the ability to load pre-programmed workouts that are personalized for each patient’s circumstances. It’s an efficient way to optimize session time and therapy outcomes.

Pre-programmed workouts allow you to:

  • Establish baselines
  • Set training and rehabilitation goals
  • Track and measure progress

2. Digital Video Monitoring System (Digital VMS)

Imagine if patients could learn and self-correct their movement in real time. In the past, this was not always possible. Our Digital Video Monitoring System (Digital VMS) provides instant visual feedback. It’s a way for physical therapists and athletic trainers to bridge the gap between complex data analysis and the user’s actual movements.

  • Record and replay clips in slow motion
  • Toggle between three front, lateral, and rear views
  • Prevent bad habits or future injuries
  • Analyze gait mechanics on a widescreen monitor
  • Email or export videos to share with clients

3. Real-time Measurement with Stride Smart

Stride Smart, part of AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill technology, provides objective data to optimize rehab in a wide variety of clinical applications. This also provides reporting capabilities that help PTs demonstrate the quality of care and medical necessity.

With Stride Smart, PTs can monitor:

  • Weight Bearing Symmetry
  • Step Length Symmetry
  • Stance Time Symmetry
  • Cadence
  • Pain Recording

As we’ve seen with our clients around the world, these technologies have the power to supercharge athletic training and rehabilitation. Yes, they help PTs do their jobs better. And that means these technologies help people get back on their feet and back to their lives sooner.

To learn more about practical and clinical applications of AlterG technology, including pre-programmed workouts, Digital VMS, and Stride Smart, use the link to test-drive AlterG today!

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