Whew! What a year 2009 was for AlterG!

Considering 2009 was a year in global recession, I am so grateful for all our current and new customers, for friends of the company and for the tremendous and continuously positive feedback we have received.  In a few short sentences I can recap the year. A doubling in the number of customers who have an Anti-Gravity Treadmill™. Celebrating the launch of our gorgeous new AlterG M300 product, priced as low as $499 per month (60 month lease). Selling AlterG’s to 18 countries around the world. Supporting 17 ongoing clinical studies at leading institutions. And, moving into new, larger facilities in Fremont, California.

We also hired a lot of great new employees to help us in our mission to make our Anti-Gravity Treadmill the standard of care in rehabilitation and athletic training. We all work hard every day to help our customers deliver even better quality of care and help them stay competitive.  This blog is a new thing for AlterG and for me. Please feel free to use this forum to discuss and communicate with each other (our great customers and friends), with AlterG and including me.

I am excited about 2010. Let’s all make it worth while!

– Lars, CEO, AlterG Inc.