Physical Therapy Jokes? Patella Me More!

Welcome to October, the month we welcome fall, playoff baseball, and all the pumpkin flavors you can imagine. It’s also National Physical Therapy Month, the time of year we celebrate all the ways that physical therapists help shoulder the load around the world.

Get it? Shoulder? Hip hip, hooray!

In the spirit recognizing our PT friends, we’d like to share a few physical therapy jokes we’ve come across throughout the years. PT stuff, you know?

As they say: Laughter is the best medicine.


Psoas I was saying, here are a few of our favorite PT jokes for your reading pleasure:

A gingerbread man walks into the clinic and complains that his knee hurts. The physical therapist says, “Have you tried icing it?”

The gingerbread frowns.
“Come on,” says the therapist, “I’m only ribbing you.”


A professional baseball player comes into the clinic with a limp.

“What’s wrong?” asks the PT.

“I took too many walks.”


A young woman is sitting on the examination table. “It hurts here,” she says, pressing her side. “Here,” she says, pressing her her leg. “And here,” she says, pressing her arm.

The PT performs a full examination. After a long pause, he turns to the woman and says, “looks like you’ve got a broken finger!”


What’s the physical therapist’s favorite movie?

Empire Strides Back.


What did the PT say to the limping patient who was in such a rush?

Hang on there, sir. It can gait.


What did the PT say to the bodybuilder with a herniated disc?

“You don’t know squat.”


Okay, okay—maybe we’re not professional comedians. Far from it. But what about you? Do you know any good physical therapy jokes that we missed? Share them in the comments section.

After all, good joke-telling is a joint effort.

Well, we hope you enjoyed our humerus little tribute to National Physical Therapy Month. Here’s to all the PTs out there. And remember:

It’s not torture—it’s PT!