New Advancements in Evidence-Based Physical Therapy

Evidence-Based Physical Therapy Advancements

In our last post, we explored the various benefits of evidence-based physical therapy. In recent years, physical therapy has seen great advancements in approaches to evidence-based care. Optimizing therapy for better outcomes requires new innovations, new tools, and new sources of objective data.

Supporting evidence-based therapy is a large part of what we do at AlterG®. Enabling clinicians to serve their patients better is in our DNA. That’s why we are continuously seeking innovative new ways to add to and improve on our line of physical therapy tools, starting with the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill™.

Recent Advancements in AlterG® Technology

Recently, we’ve made some key additions to our suite of clinical tools. Our goal is to give PTs ample information that can help shape the scope and duration of their therapy programs. Here are a few key features that do just that:

  • AlterG® Stride Smart Gait Analytics – The more accurate and complete a gait assessment, the better informed a PT’s program can be. Integrated Stride Smart Gait Analytics enables PTs to optimize rehabilitation using objective walking gait analysis data.
  • Weight Bearing Symmetry – Balance control is a primary concern in a variety of therapy programs, especially in cases of stroke and neurological disorders. Weight-bearing symmetry technology helps reduce pain and overuse injuries in the unaffected leg.
  • Step Length and Stance Time Symmetry – Many injuries and conditions call for improved step length, walking speed, stance, and gait. Our integrated step length and stance time symmetry technology allow PTs to help patients correct asymmetries on the fly.
  • Pain Recording – A cornerstone of evidence-based PT. With AlterG®, therapists can correlate gait and unweighting with the pain scores reported by patients. This helps PTs optimize therapy, avoid injury/re-injury, and balance pain threshold with progress.
  • Video Monitoring System for Enhanced Feedback – Sometimes, patients can’t see asymmetries or inefficiencies in their motion mechanics. Video monitoring helps PTs record and play clips of patient motion, both in normal speed and slow motion. This includes front, lateral, and rear views that make abnormal gait and stride patterns clear.

Empowering clinicians and patients

The objective of any PT clinic is to get people better as safely and efficiently as possible. Using objective data and the latest research is one of the most effective ways to do so. The AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a robust tool rooted with a broad range of clinical applications, from professional sports teams to stroke survivors—geriatric therapy to injury rehabilitation.

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